How to Add, Remove and Move Apps on Home Screen of Android

One of the several reasons behind popularity of Android phones’ popularity is their ability to customize as per the requirements of users. The first thing people do after buying smartphone is creating several home screens and adding their favorite apps on each of them. This makes it easier to have access to the most used or favorite applications in no time. Here’s a step-by-step guide to adding, removing and moving apps icons on the home screen of Android phones.

  1. Create a new home screen if you want to add the app into an empty home screen instead of an already existing home screen.


  1. Now go to the app drawer in order to select the app you want to add to the home screen.


  1. Press the app you want to add. A new window will pop up showing all the home screens. Drag the app icon and drop it on the home screen where you want to keep it. You may also press and drag the app icon to the left side. All the home screens will come one by one; you may drop the app icon on the home screen of your choice.


  1. The icon of app will automatically be added on that home screen. You can add as many apps on one home screen as you want following the same procedure.


  1. The method of moving app from one home screen to another is also simple. You just need to press the app icon and the window will pop up showing the home screens, you may select the one where you want to move it. If the window does not appear, then simply keep moving the app icon towards the right side. All the home screens will appear one by one; drop the icon on the home screen you want.


  1. If you want to remove any app shortcut from the home screen, then press the app icon. A recycle bin will appear immediately. Drag and drop the app icon into the recycle bin.


Note: These steps work on most of the KitKat Androids, but the images shown above may differ depending on the smartphone model and Android version that you are currently using.

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