How to Assign a Photo to a Contact on Android

One of the best things about smartphones is the amount of customization options they come with. It’s almost criminal to not make use of the many options available on smartphones, especially Android phones. If you’re not already personalizing the Android experience, why don’t you get started by assigning a photo to a contact so that the next time you receive a call, you get to see the face of the caller instead of just the number. Here’s a short and simple guide to help you through the process.

  1. Tap the Contacts icon.


  1. Find the contact you wish to assign an image to and press the Edit button.


  1. You will see an animated face in place in the image box with a + sign on its bottom-left corner. Tap the image.


  1. You will be provided with several options to choose an image from. Make a selection by tapping it.


  1. You will come across all the images present in the folder. Select the image you want to add.


  1. It is better to crop the image before saving the changes.


  1. Crop the image and press done after it.


  1. Go back to see if the images is present next to the contact information or not.


Note: You can edit, remove or change the image by editing the contact.