How to become invisible in Facebook chat

Have you ever thought it is impossible to go invisible in facebook chat? It’s time you keep your misconceptions at bay. No softwares, no downloads. Follow the five simple steps outlined below and enjoy unlimited and funfilled conversations with your best buddies.

Here Is A Simple Way To Be Invisible to Some Selected People In Facebook

If you have not created ‘FRIENDS LISTS’ in facebook then the portion marked in the screenshot would be missing in your chat window. The below image shows you how Facebook chat will look if you have added friends list.

1) In order to create a friend list, first of all you need to visit your Profile page and click on FRIENDS in the left hand side of your facebook profile page. After getting into the FRIENDS page, click on MANAGE FRIEND LIST .

2) Clicking on the MANAGE FRIEND LIST will lead you to a page showing your friends and on top you will see an icon CREATE LIST .

 As you click Create List then a window will pop up like this:

Here you can enter a name of your list (marked in the screen shot) most of the common friends list which people use are, for eg: Cool Ones, Annoying Friends , Girlfriends , etc.

4) Then click on the friends photo, then a tick mark will appear(ie, select your friends whom you want to add in your friends list), as you finish listing your friends then click on the CREATE LIST icon which has been marked in the screen shot.

5) Now go open your chat window and you will see the name of the list which you created. Next to the name of the list and the other friends (as has been marked in screen shot) you will see an oval green color symbol. Just flip on that oval green icon to change it to grey color symbol  and you can be invisible to the list of friends that you want to be invisible. Thus by this you can chat with the friends in your friends list whom you want to talk with.

How To talk Invisibly With Anyone In Facebook  without Using Friends List??

1) Here In this Method its not necessary that You create FRIENDS LIST in order to be invisible to a particular group of people. First Of all you need to select a friend whom you want to chat with for that I would Prefer you to be Online First and start a Chat eg : say ” Hiiii !! ” .

2) Now in the next step , you become invisible to all your friends And now you can chat with your Friend who You said “Hi” before using the chatbar which is open now in invisible Mode.
You can either use Facebook Message in invisible mode to chat with your friend invisibly. Its must preferred as its much less buggy compared to chat bar and faster message transfers are possible.


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