How to Block a Number on Android

Thanks to Smartphones, our family and friends are now just a call away from us, but same is the case with telemarketers, spammers and annoying callers. Nothing is more annoying than an unwanted call from an unknown number. There is no need to waste your precious time attending unwanted calls, whether they are from your ex begging you to take them back, or from some stranger who is either trying to sell you something, or simply in a mood for chat. Blocking such callers is the simplest and easiest way to get rid of them. Here are some of the options that are available to you if you’re an Android user.

Use Built-in Blocking Feature

This feature allows the user to block text messages and calls from any number, irrespective of whether it is present in your list or not. The procedure for blocking a number may vary from device to device, and even on different versions of Android. A few smartphones allow you to send calls from specific numbers to voicemail, which means these calls will no longer disturb you, but you can still check the call history by going to voicemail. Some Android phones offer call blocking service under the name call barring. You can use this service by going to phone settings. You may also create a reject list on your smartphone. You just have to add the number(s) you want to block to this list.

Apart from this, smartphones also have a blocking mode. If you are in a meeting or doing something really important and do not wish to be disturbed, simply activate this blocking mode. You will not hear any call beep, but you can check miscall notification after getting free. Some smartphones have an option to block calls and messages from unknown numbers, i.e. numbers that are not present in your contact list. This is also an effective though somewhat extreme measure against unwanted callers.

Explore your Android to know more about the call and text message blocking features.

Try Third-Party Apps

If you find it difficult to use a built-in feature for blocking number, or you think that it lacks certain features, then you can try any of the hundreds of third-party apps available on Google Play Store. The features and services offered by these apps may vary. Some of these apps require certain amount of fee to be paid for downloading them, but most of them are free of cost. Just go through the description and features of these apps, and download the one that meets your requirements.

Contact Network Service Provider

A relatively expensive and less commonly used method to block an unwanted caller is by contacting the network service provider. Even though it is quite effective, you may have to pay a fixed amount of money to avail the blocking service.

You can try any of these methods to put an end to unwanted calls once and for all. In case you ever have a change of heart, you can unblock the number any time you want by changing the settings or deleting the third-party app.


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