How to Block Text Messages from Unknown Numbers

Nothing is more annoying than receiving texts on your phone from unknown numbers. They may be from some complete stranger, a persistent ex, or relentless telemarketers. The only way to put an end to this frustrating experience is by blocking texts from unknown numbers, a feature that is fortunately available in Android. Follow the guide to learn more, but before that, you must know that after making these changes, only those persons will be able to contact you who are in your contact list.

  1. Open the Messages app, press the menu key and then tap Settings.


  1. Scroll down to bottom and check the box on Spam settings to activate the blocking option.


  1. Also check the box next to Block unknown senders. This will block text messages from every single person who is not in your contact list. You may also check the boxes named “Add to spam numbers” and “Add to spam phrases” if you want to block messages from any specific number or block text messages containing specific phrases.


Note: The screens and settings may vary depending on your Android device.