How to Block Text Messages on Android without Using Third Party Apps

Are you receiving text messages from an unknown number far more often? Is your ex refusing to leave you peace? Well, you don’t need to go around searching a way to tackle this problem because the solution is present right on your Android phone. Learn how to go about this press.

  1. Open Messaging app.

  1. Go to Messages menu in menu bar and open Settings.

  1. Scroll down. You will see an option named “Spam settings” right at the bottom. Check the mark in front of it and press “add to spam numbers”.

  1. Click on the plus sign (+) to add the contact number from which you want to block messages.

  1. Android offers different search criteria for searching the contact number.

  1. Select the relevant search option.

  1. You can also search the contact number in your logs and contacts. If the contact is not present in your contact list, then you may check it in logs.

  1. By following the above-mentioned search method, you can easily find the required contact number. Press the Save button.

  1. The number will be added to spam. You can add more than one number in spam folder. The maximum limit varies from one smartphone to the other.

  1. Adding a number in spam folder means that you will not get any message notification from that number. Instead, the messages sent by that contact number will be added to spam folder, leaving you undisturbed. You can check spam folder any time you want. Just go to the Messaging app, open menu, and click on Spam messages.

  1. All the messages from blocked numbers will be displayed in spam folder.

Note: The screens may vary, depending on the Android phone and version that you’re using.


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