How To Replace Your Android Keyboard

Dissatisfied with the stock Android keyboard or simply looking for a bit of a change? Not a problem. The platform grants you the liberty of replacing the stock keyboard with a third party one without any fuss. This leaves you with plenty of alternative options, some with additional features, right at your fingertips. Here’s a quick tutorial “How To Replace Your Android Keyboard” on how you can replace the stock Android keyboard with a keyboard of your choice.

  1. Head to Google Play Store and search for a third party keyboard. There are plenty of options available, though they vary considerably in terms of quality and features.

  1. Get to the third party keyboard’s download page and tap the install button. Accept the requested permissions and then wait while the keyboard downloads and eventually installs on the device.

  1. Once the installation is complete, go to Settings.

  1. Tap “My Device” located on top of the interface, and then keep swiping up until you reach the Input and control section. Tap “Language and input”.

  1. Locate the name of the keyboard that you just installed and toggle the checkbox next to it.

  1. A message may appear on the screen, altering you that the method can collect all of the text you enter, but not personal data, credit card numbers and not passwords. Tap “OK”.

  1. Now tap the arrow located across “Default” and select the keyboard of your choice to set it as the default input method. You’re done.

Note: The screens used here in “How To change Your Android Keyboard” may differ depending on the device and Android version you are using.

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