How to Confirm If Someone Has Blocked You on Facebook

Is someone you know conspicuously missing from your Facebook News Feed lately? You tried looking them up in your friend list but with no luck? Of course, you must be feeling a bit anxious over this mystery. Well, there can only be two logical explanations for this; either the person deactivated their Facebook account, or they blocked you. The former situation is nothing to worry about as they’re probably only taking a break. However, you may have plenty of reason to feel a bit worried if it’s the latter situation. Getting blocked is not the greatest feeling in the world, especially if the blocker is someone who actually matters. Before you jump to conclusions and get all depressed or angry, however, it’s best to confirm if that invisible person really has blocked you. Here are a few ways in which you can confirm this.

Check Old Chat Conversation

If you two were close enough, then there might be an old chat conversation present in your Facebook inbox. Just open that conversation and check if that person’s name is in blue or black color. If it is in black color and you cannot click it, then it means you have being blocked. If the display photo next to the name is missing, then it means they have deactivated their account, but if you can still see it, then they have surely blocked you.

Check Your Friend List

If you two were friends on Facebook, then check your friend list right away. If you are able to see their name in the list, then you are surely not blocked, but if it is missing, then they either blocked you or deactivated their Facebook account.

Try to Open Their Profile

Enter the person’s name in search bar. If it comes in result then they have not blocked you, and if not, then either they have set strict privacy or have blocked you. The other way to open their profile is by clicking on their name either by opening an old conversation or by checking any of their old posts. Chances are you will get a message that the link is broken or page has been removed, which is a clear sign that they either blocked you or deactivated their account.

Check Old Wall Posts

If the person you’re trying to look up posted anything on your wall in the past, then you should find it. Check the profile image next to the name; if it’s still there and is not replaced by a blue silhouette, then you are not being blocked. Also, the profile name will be displayed in blue.

Once it’s been confirmed that the content you were checking has indeed blocked you, there’s no need to let yourself get upset over it. If you want to sort things out, then it’s best talking to that person face to face. Otherwise try to move on with your life. You cannot force people to stay in your life. Don’t worry, a better person will come along sooner or later.


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