How to connect the BSNL modem in Ubuntu Linux ?

ubuntu linux bsnl broadband

The most biggest problem faced by the beginners in Ubuntu is to connect their computer with BSNL broadband.  This is one the Most frequently problem raised among the newbies to Ubuntu. Many find it difficult to even detect the modem device. So here in this post I will be showing you how you can activate your BSNL broadband using Ubuntu. Just follow the below given steps correctly :


1) First connect your modem with the computer and turn it on.

2) Then go to terminal and type :

sudo pppoeconf

linux command line

Now you will get a screen that looks like this :

linux command line

3) From here you just press the Enter key at all screens until you get to this screen :

linux command line

4) You have to choose the <No> option there. You are now connected to your BSNL Broadband from your Linux OS (Ubuntu).

5) If you lose your connection at any time just run

 sudo pon

To turn off the connection type :

sudo poff

You are done ! Now you can access your internet anytime from your Ubuntu and if you still face any problem regarding it , you can ask me anytime in the comment section. Hope you liked this post. Enjoy Surfing. 🙂

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