How to Convert a PDF File into an Editable Word Document

PDF is widely accepted as an official file format for important documents, which is fine as long as you do not need to edit the document. Unfortunately, PDF readers do not offer built-in editing features. This makes it difficult to edit or delete the text. Word document, however, can easily be edited. In order to edit a PDF file, you may convert it into a Word document to make the changes. To convert a PDF file into a Word document, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Word document and click File located on the top-left corner of the Word interface.

Step 1

  1. Click Open and select Computer if your PDF file is present on the hard drive. You may also select PDF file from OneDrive or any other destination.

Step 2

  1. Select the PDF file and click Open.

Step 3

  1. You will receive a notification telling you know that this process may take some time and that the PDF file will be optimized to make it editable. Press OK and wait while the conversion process completes.

Step 4

  1. You can now edit the document, add text to it, or delete anything.

Step 5

Note: The images shown above are taken using Microsoft Word 2013 as it was the first version to come with the built-in feature called PDF Reflow for converting PDF files into Word documents. The Save to PDF option, however, has been around since Microsoft Word 2007.