How to Install Advanced Download Manager on Android Phones

Downloading and managing files on the PC has long been a cinch. If you miss that convenience since switching to the Android platform, then Advanced Download Manager is just the app you need. It not only makes the task of downloading simpler, but also speeds up the speed of downloads while offering you more control over them among other things. Tempted enough? Read on to learn how to download and set up Advanced Download Manager on your Android device within minutes.

1. First thing first, open Google Play Store and make your way to Advanced Download Manager download section. Tap the prominent “INSTALL” button.

2. A pop-up displaying the permissions required by the app to function will appear on the screen. Tap “ACCEPT” after you’ve gone through them to initiate the download.

3. Wait while the app downloads and automatically installs on your device.

4. Once the installation is complete, launch Advanced Download Manager by either tapping the “OPEN” button on the Play Store, or via the app’s icon on the homescreen.

5. On running the app, you’ll arrive straight at the control panel, from where you’ll be able to access and control the different features, tabs, and settings.

6. Here you will come across two main features. The “Queue” tab will show you the apps that you are currently downloading.

7. The Finished tab will show you the downloaded items.

Note: Advanced Download Manager will take over the downloads even when you click on the links while using any of the browsers supported by it.


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