How to install Lookout Antivirus on Android Phones and Tablets

Lookout Security & Antivirus is definitely an essential security app for anyone owning an Android device. It is a complete package, offering everything from protection against malware and privacy invasion to safety against theft and loss. Tempted to get the app on your device right away but concerned about the complexity of its setup? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. The following guide will help you set up Lookout Security & Antivirus on your Android conveniently without experiencing any hiccups.

1. Open Play Store, type Lookout Security & Antivirus in the search field, tap the first search result, and finally tap the prominent “INSTALL” button.

2. Be patient while the app downloads and then installs on your device.

3. Run the app by tapping the “Open” button on Play Store, or by using the freshly created shortcut on your device’s home screen.

4. At startup, you will be shown how the app and its features work. You can take your time here. After you are done reading the tutorial, tap on “Get Started.”

5. You will now be asked to register so that you can become an official member, provide an Email address plus password, and you will become a member.

6. Now, it will take you to a new screen where it will ask you to allow access to Files, Location, Phone, and SMS. You can allow or disallow at your discretion.

7. The app will now show you the advantages of paid plans, but if you are not interested, you can just skip it.

8. You will be prompted with a new screen. Simply tap on “Turn on Security.”

9. This will initiate the scan that will do a thorough search of your device in order to locate risks. Once the process is done, it will show you the results. You will be able to know if there’s anything wrong with your device or not.

Note: The above screens and Lookout Security & Antivirus interface may differ from what you see on your device, depending on the version of the app and Android device you’re using. Furthermore, you can use the advanced app tools only after upgrading to the premium version.


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