How to Download YouTube Videos on Your Android Phone

If you heavily reliant on YouTube to watch your favorite music videos while on the go, then you must have already noticed the burden it puts on your data plan. Furthermore, internet speed fluctuations may also be ruining your experience. Why not save yourself from all the frustration by simply downloading YouTube videos on phone. That way, you would neither have to worry about exhausting your data plan, nor find the videos stopping halfway through due to drop in internet speed. Here’s a guide to quickly and easily download YouTube videos on your Android phone.

1. Change Security Settings

You must download an unofficial video downloading app on your phone to download YouTube videos, but this is only possible if you tinker with your security settings first. Open the Setting menu and tap Security. Now scroll down and check the box next to “Unknown sources”. Your smartphone will warn you about the risk of taking this action. Just ignore the warning and press OK.

2. Install YouTube Video Downloading App

Now go to a third-party app store and download a YouTube video downloader app from there. You won’t be able to get such an app on Google Play as downloading videos is a clear violation of the Terms of Use set by YouTube and other video hosting websites. There are various third-party app stores, but Amazon is the most reliable one. Open the app store and start looking for any video downloading app. There are several options available, click on any of the free apps to start the installation process.

3. Download YouTube Video

Run the downloaded app and search for the YouTube video that you want to download. The app will show an option to download the video. Tap on that option to start the download.

4. Choose a Resolution

The app will ask you to choose the resolution in which you want your video to be saved. Select the most suitable option. The video will start downloading after that. Smaller videos and low resolution videos take less time to download, whereas larger videos and high resolution videos take more time. Of course, the speed of your internet connection matters too.

5. Tap to Play

The smartphone will notify you when the download is complete. Tap to play.

Note: Installing apps from third-party platforms can be risky. Download an app from trusted stores and websites only.


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