How to dual boot Windows and Linux mint?

Well, there are many features in linux that is worth trying. But, sometimes living without windows is difficult. Whatever the reason maybe, some of us are very much used to windows. So leaving windows all of a sudden could be disastrous. The only solution is dual booting. But for newbies it is a bit confusing about the different values and directories that needs to be input during the installation. So if we are not careful about the installation then there are some chances that we mess up with data. So in this post, you will see how we can dual boot windows xp with Linux Mint. So we can access both windows xp and linux mint from the same computer. We can choose which operating system to start when we logon. Considering the appearance, feel and interface, linux mint could be a complete replacement for windows xp. But we feel like we are home when we use windows. So no worry. Let us manage both. Linux mint is easier for newbies, considering the different aspects of this operating system in comparison with ubuntu, or kubuntu.


1.As you want to dual boot xp with mint, first install xp on your computer. It is done because windows uses Linux’s loader while start up. So if you try to install vice versa, i.e. first installing mint and then xp, then you will lose your mint installation. If you already have windows xp, then proceed to the next step.

2.Then you can start your installation. Before that you may back up all your data to be on the safer side. 😛 Most probably no problems should be there if you follow the instructions carefully.

3.Now where to install? You need a separate partition for linux. It will be good if you run the disk defragmenter in windows. It helps to unify all the different fragments of disk space to be brought under a big chunk. It is not necessary, you can do it if you wish. You’ll need a minimum of 6 GB in total for installation. Because if you keep the correct minimum value then, you’ll have no space for installations and so. Who cares about 6 GB when they have loads and loads of disk space. 😛
Most probably you’ll will have to create a new partition of size 6GB. If you don’t want to bother about creating a new partition, then there is another way. Free up any drive of your hard disk.

4.Jot down all the free space, and total space if you want. Now, restart your computer. Before the booting starts, press the key which launches the bios setup. It will be F12, DEL key or some others.

5.Choose CD ROM as your booting device. Now hit Enter.

6.Now you will able to boot from the live CD. Now wait for the system to load linux mint. It will take about 5 minutes or less.

7.After it has loaded, click Install Linux Mint. Now the installation wizard launches, now the rest of the installation is done here. Select your language. Click Forward.

8.Choose your time zone. Click Forward.

9.Change the keyboard layout if necessary.

10.Now we are proceeding to the most important and confusing step of this installation.

11.Choose Specify partitions manually.

13.The next screen shows the different partitions on your system. Click on the partition that you’ve chose to install linux mint. Then click delete partition.

14.Now click that freed partition (the same which one you clicked delete) and click Add.

15.Now fill the following values in the appropriate places :

Location – End
Mount Type – Swap
Size – 2048

16.Then click in the remaining partition. Click change. Fill in the following values.

Mount type – Ext4 Journaling system.
Mount point – /

17. Click forward.

18. Fill the details of user account and password. Remember the password since that will work as root password for your Linux which you shall eventually understand. Hit the Forward button once done.

19. Click forward.

20. Click Install. And now you are done. Restart your computer and now enjoy.


Note : We have posted a detailed post about linux mint installation before. Check that for more details.

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