How to Enjoy the Edge Experience in Chrome

Windows 10 is here with a host of fancy features and glittering UI, but it still needs a lot of time to fix bugs as the OS and its new browser Edge is plagued with a fair amount of issues. It means you will have to wait for another few weeks or even months for Microsoft to release updates for fixing these issues. If you’re finding it hard to wait to dig into the new Edge experience, then Google Chrome may just be the ideal alternative as it’s offering many of the features available in Edge. Here’s a quick guide to enjoying the Edge experience on Chrome.

Try Google Now, An Alternative to Microsoft’s Cortana

Edge comes with a personal voice assistant named Cortana. Microsoft mentioned how marvelous this feature is on various occasions, which somehow gave people an impression that this is something that has never been offered before. As it turns out, personal voice assistants have already broken into the browser space with Google Now. Google Now is a voice search feature that allows you to start Google search, set alarms, check your schedule, etc. by giving the “OK Google” voice command. You can turn on “OK Google” by going to the menu button of Chrome, present at the top-right corner. Now go to the Search section in Settings and enable “OK Google” by clicking the checkbox. With Google Now activated, you’ll hardly feel the urge to have Cortana at your service.

Doodle With Google

Edge has a built-in feature for doodling which is kind of fancy, but then again, it is not something new or unique, as Google is already offering almost the same, or maybe even better feature to Chrome users. Charge your energies, activate your mind, and increase your focus by doodling literally anything on your PC screen. Just enable the add-on named web paint. There will be a separate icon dedicated to it. You can click it to draw lines, fill anything with any color, add text, and much more.

Read Articles without Any Visual Interference

Edge proudly offers a built-in reading feature that allows its users to read articles in full screen. Even though Chrome does not offer anything similar as its built-in feature, it does offer a Chrome extension named Readability. An icon similar to a red armchair will be added on browser. Click on this icon and press “Read Now” for switching browser to reading mode.

Note: Be sure to have your Chrome browser updated to the latest version to enjoy the aforementioned features.