How to Factory Reset Your Android Phone

If you are planning to sell your Android and want to ensure that all data gets erased before the mobile phone leaves your possession, or you are facing issues like slow speed or poor performance, then it’s better to go for factory reset. Factory reset means that you will lose all the data present in Android phone’s internal storage, including but not limited to Google Accounts, system apps, photos, videos and audio files. You cannot reverse the factory reset, so it is highly suggested that you transfer your important files and documents to cloud storage before proceeding with the process.

  1. Open App Drawer and tap the Settings icon.


  1. Go to Accounts and click on “Backup and reset”.


  1. Click on “Factory data reset” option located under Personal data.


  1. Press the “Reset device” button. Your smartphone will take a few minutes to erase all data, after which it will automatically be switched off to save the changes.


Note: This guide is for all Android phones, but the screenshots shown may vary, depending on the phone and version of Android in your use.