How to Find Your Samsung Android Phone using the Find My Mobile Service

Samsung has this great feature named as “Find My Mobile” that allows its users to control device remotely if it is stolen or missing. You just need a Samsung account number for getting remote access to your Android. Unfortunately, this feature is available only if you have enabled it on your device, which needs to be done manually. To learn how to set up your Samsung Android phone for the Find My Mobile service, click here.

Once you have successfully enabled remote controls feature, you can follow the following steps to find or even control the mobile in case it is stolen or missing.

  1. Go to from any device.


  1. Sign in using the email id and password you used to register your account with Samsung.


  1. A message will be displayed to warn the users about consequences of not logging out. Press OK and do not forget to log out of the account immediately after using it so that no one else can misuse it.


  1. All the registered devices will be displayed there. Select the device you want to find. Make sure that remote controls option is active, otherwise this feature won’t work.


  1. You will be presented with various options to control your device. Select the one you want and follow the guidelines. Find My Mobile feature not only allows you to track the device location, but also lets you ring a bell on it if it is missing. You may also lock its screen or wipe its data if it is stolen.


  1. The easiest and fastest way to find the device is by tracking its location. Click on the Locate my device button.


  1. Click on “I agree” to get details about current location of your device. You will be directed to a map showing the device location. You can zoom in to find the exact address.


  1. You can use ring my device feature by selecting the option from the main menu screen and then clicking on the Ring button. Your device will ring for 60 seconds on maximum volume, making it easier for you to find its location if it is present somewhere near you.


Note: The screens may vary, depending on the device you’re accessing the Find My Mobile Service on.