How to fix Wifi Adapter not working properly Issue

Its really very troublesome when your wifi adapter stops working in between you are surfing or downloading  something important and you dont know how to solve the Wifi issue. For me my Wifi Adapter Crashes when I switch between 2-3 Wifi Hotspots simultaneously.  It usually makes the “Connected Networks” tab in system tray “Not Responding” or sometimes it takes a lot of time  for connecting and later leads to  “No Internet Access” or in worst case “Cannot connect to the Network”. And even If you try connecting it later you wont be able to connect to the network.

Solve Wifi Adapter Not Working Issue-800x800

Since you are looking for a Fix for this problem, I wont take too much of your time. Most of the time when such error’s happen regarding Wifi Adapter Problem, then the Problem usually solves soon as you restart your Laptop. But there are times when the problems may not solve by just restarting the system or maybe you want to fix this problem without restarting, in that case you can follow the below mentioned steps:

Method 1 : Use Network TroubleShoot

1) Go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center

2) Now Click on the the “Red Cross” mark as shown in the fig. below to run the Network Troubleshoot.

solve or fix wifi adapter not working problem

3) Follow the steps and click on “Continue with the fix” wherever you are asked.

This may have fixed the “wifi adapter not working” problem. But for those who didn’t get the Fix work yet try out the next tip.

Method 2 : Re-installing the Wireless Adapter Driver’s

1) Go to “Start menu” -> Right Click on “Computer” -> “Manage” as shown in the figure below.

how to re-install wireless network adapter

 2) A new application window will now open and in that navigate through Device Manager  -> Network Adapter.

3) Now Right click on your Wireless Adapter that has problem and now click on “Uninstall” as shown in figure.

uninstalling and installing the wifi network adapter

4)After Uninstalling go to Action -> Scan for Hardware Change , and the adapter will be automatically re-installed. And Update the Driver through internet if possible.

This method is the most effective method that I have found to solve this kind of connectivity problem. Even after Doing all these and you still face problem with adapter then you should contact your nearest PC hardware shop for solutions. If you know any more tips to solve Wifi adapter Connectivity Problem you can share it with us through the comments.

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