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We were facing quite a big problem with our last hosting providers, one of the poorest services in our blogging life. Last month we wrote a hit post which got us about 1500 hits in 3-4 hours and our hosting account was suspended from the hosting providers for the same. The reason for suspension was heavy load on their server. That’s just Bullshit ! cause I know many friends who get daily about 5000 hits and are still using their site without any trouble. So we Decided to say Goodbye to that Stupid host and move on to another one. The First Problem that we faced was we had money but we didnt have the means to pay the host , also we wanted to do the transfer fast cause of SERP ranking. It was just like as if we were caught in between the Sea and the devil . After searching for some about 30 minutes in Google we finally found something that we didn’t even expect , yes , “A Free Cloud Hosting Account“.


Currently we have hosted our site in Hostzilla’s Free Cloud and the speed is incredible as unlike other webhost’s this is a cloud hosting account and can manage more traffic. Whenever we say something on Free hosting , there are always limitations associated with it. The only limitation associated with the free cloud hosting account from Hostzilla is that you have a limited disk space of 100Mb and No free SSL certificate. Another problem that one can face is during Registration of free Cloud Hosting account , they have a very strong fraud checking system which detects whether we are using any fraudulent means to signup and prevents us from making an account if we are found to be a fraud. If you face any problem during signup such as you are coined as a fraud even when you tried using genuine methods , you can still contact their support team for help , they will immediately help you out and provide you with an account.

The most promising thing I liked is their service. They reply quite fast and if you are facing any problem’s you can directly talk or chat with their host Owner regarding the issue. The Bandwidth and database space is Unlimited. You can switch to any of their premium plans anytime you wish. The Full system is totally automatic and efficient. Unlike other free webhosting solutions Hostzilla is 100% ads free and there is no forced ads or any banner ads. They also provide free website migration.


They also provide attractive Affiliate programs for the site owners , which instantly provides 10$ as a joining credit and you can claim it after you give them about 2-3 sales. We are totally happy with their service now and I think we may be one of the first site to test this service and blog on it. And we are quite happy to be a part of this great service from hostzilla.

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