How to Get Rid of the Blue Screen of Death Problem on iPhone

A large number of iPhone users have been complaining about what has been dubbed as the blue screen of death. This issue does exactly what the name says – a blue screen shows up on the users’ display and there’s nothing they can do about it. This issue seems to have affected the users of iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices that are using iOS 8.1 or iOS 8.3. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds available for this problem, and would most probably work on your phone as well. Some of these workarounds or fixes have been outlined below

Update the App

Usually, the users experience the blue screen of death when they’re using the some app on their mobile phone. Just to make sure that you don’t encounter this problem again, just update the app which made your iPhone shut down. Just to be on a safer side, it is advised that you update all the apps to the latest version.

Delete the App

If you are experiencing this issue while using the same app over and over again, then it is advised that you get rid of it until an official fix for the issues has been made available by Apple.

Disable Wi-Fi Calling

This is another workaround that has done the trick for a large number of users. To disable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone, just follow the given steps:

  1. Head to Settings and select Phone.
  2. Find Calls section and tap on Wi-Fi Calls.
  3. Click on Allow Wi-Fi Call to turn it off.

Note: Updating your firmware to the latest version of iOS is strongly recommended.


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