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How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook For Your Business

Facebook is a marvelous tool for businesses, but the problem is that it’s no longer a secret. With nearly every business and company in existence using Facebook ¬†for business, i.e. to build brands and attract customers, it’s hard to create attention-grabbing media strategies. Why not start making more creative social media choices?

Celebrate Your Milestones

With the new Facebook timeline firmly in place, you have several creative opportunities at your disposal. Few businesses make use of their ability to add Milestones to their Facebook pages. While it’s important to add important dates such as your grand opening, your first 100K fans, and things of that nature, you can also use your Milestones to announce new products, services, and launches.

This is incredibly helpful, because it will alert all of your fans that something new happened with your business. That will bring more people to your Facebook page and your business website.

Tell a Story with Your Pictures

People love pictures, and sharing more of them can only help your business. Take it up a step, though. Instead of sharing unrelated photos or pictures that focus solely on your products or services, create a photographic story. Make a new album weekly or bi-weekly, using the handy Highlight tool to let your fans see that you’ve shared several new photos.

Tell a story about something that relates to your business. The only possible downside is inadvertently offending someone, either because they don’t like a photo or they’re mad that you share so much. You can’t please everyone though.

Create Exclusive Offers and Contests

Fans love special deals. They love free stuff even more. Launch contests and special offers specifically for your Facebook fans. This is especially beneficial, because you can use contests as a call-to-action for people to visit your business site as well.

One of the best ways to launch a contest is to offer something for free, then ask users to comment about why they like it, why they need it, or what they can do with it. To do this, you can choose to:

  • Launch the contest on Facebook and keep it there
  • Send users to your website to leave a comment on a blog post
  • Or invite people to enter via a contest form that will randomly choose a winner

You can also simply offer special sale opportunities or coupon codes to your Facebook fans, if applicable. Generally, if people can get something on sale, they’ll return even when they have to pay full-price, so that’s a definite benefit for you.

Update Often and Regularly

Too few businesses recognize the importance of frequent updates. You need to keep a lively presence on your Facebook page, even if you hire several social media managers to update around the clock.

That way, you can even update from home while you’re using your smartphone or tablet. Doing so gives you a definite edge, because you can also reply to your fans, deal with complaints, or respond to compliments and questions no matter where you are.

There are so many great ways to use Facebook, you’ll lose out if you don’t explore. What’s your favorite tactic?

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