How to Get your Old Facebook Chat Back

I have been using the New Facebook Chat from past 2 months . In the beginning I had troubles with the new change because I was using the old one for so long , so I couldn’t catch up with the new change and also there were some changes in the new chat that I didn’t like.  All the friends who were online were shown in the chat bar , it showed only the people with whom we interact the most. And that included both Online and Offline friends.

With the current update the older problems regarding chat is solved. Now it shows the list of people with whom we don’t chat much into a different group , thus giving us chance to mingle with those people whom we chat less. Though even after such a great Changes there are many people who do not like the current sidebar of Facebook. Many are still searching net to resolve this problem. So this post is Dedicated to them who wish to change back to Old Facebook Chat.


In this post I will show you how to change back to old Facebook chat in Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers using Plugin installation. Just Follow the Steps Bellow for the corresponding Browsers.

Get Old Facebook Chat Back In Google Chrome Browser

Installing the Extension to Google Chrome is the Easiest one compared to other browsers like Firefox and Opera. Its Just Plug and play work. So lets Start, First Of all you need to Install the Script Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion.

In the Extension Download Page Click On the Install (step 1) Button and Now after the extension is downloaded , a popup with open. This will ask you to Install the script , Click on Install (step 2) as show in Figure Below.

After doing till this step the script will be installed , now you just need to reload your Facebook page to get back to Old Facebook Chat. Now If you still cant see the Old chat in your chrome browser just Clear your Cache from your browser or close and restart your browser to see the effect.

Get Old Facebook Chat Back In Mozilla FireFox Browser

Installing this script in the Mozilla Firefox browser is little lengthy Process. You need to install an Extra Firefox Plygin Called GreaseMonkey. GreeseMonkey allows you to play Javascripts in your Mozilla browser thus you can use GreeseMonkey to run the Script we used in changing back to Old Facebook chat in Chrome.

After Visiting the Plugin Page from your firefox Browser, Click On Add To Firefox (step 1), then a popup will show just click on Allow . Now another popup will open , here you will have to click on Install Now (step 2).

Now as your plugin is Installed you are ready to Go to install the Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion script from the plugin page. After installing it , Just refresh your Firefox Page to get it working. If you still cant get your old Facebook Chat then Clear your browser cache or Restart your Browser.

Get Old Facebook Chat Back In Opera Browser

For Opera you just have to Install the Opera plugin called Facebook Chat sidebar disabler . Its a plug and play add-on. Just follow the installation procedures as shown in the Figure Below , in order to use it in your opera browser.

After Completing the installation , just like mentioned in other two browsers , you just have to Clear the cache and refresh your Facebook Page in order to see your chat bar in Old style.

Get Facebook Old Chat Without Using Any Plugins Or Scripts

You can even get your old Facebook chat experience without installing any of those above mentioned plugins. But Most people wont find it comfortable as it opens in a new tab. And you would need to chat in other page while surf facebook in another tab. Still I feel that I must share this link with you , so you can check it out.

Please feel free to ask any doubts regarding this post if you find any of the mentioned steps confusing. I hope you liked this post. Share it and let others know too. 🙂

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