How to Give Restricted Access to Your Mobile Phone

Not everything present on a smartphone can be shared with kids and friends, as the data may comprise of personal pictures, Skype or WhatsApp conversations, emails etc. Of course, your friend or kid won’t look into your personal stuff with you present next to them, but still it feels uncomfortable, and what if they do look at your personal stuff? Remember, it’s your privacy that is at stake. The best way to deal with such a situation is to allow only restricted access to your mobile phone when lending it to someone. This would effectively prevent them from viewing stuff that is not meant for their eyes.

Here are a few simple and easy ways in which you can give restricted access to your mobile phone.

Use Third-Party Apps

The easiest and simplest way of restricting access to the mobile phone is through use of third-party apps. There are hundreds of free apps available on Google Play Store. You just need to install them, and they will start working immediately. The user may block apps containing personal data like messages, gallery, Gmail account etc. and leave other apps open. The benefit of using these apps is that you can safely share your smartphone with anyone without worrying about your privacy. The app you select depends on the level of restriction you want. If you are giving your smartphone to your kid for playing games or browsing, then it is better to use a parental control app like SecureTeen, as these apps allow the mobile users to block certain apps and websites. If you are giving a smartphone to your employee for work-related tasks and you want to make sure that he does not misuse the device, then an efficient employee monitoring software will do the work.

Try Built-in Blocking Feature

Android 5.0 Lollipop now offers a built-in screen pinning feature to give restricted access to the guest user. This feature is similar to the guided access feature in an iPhone. You can activate this feature by going to Settings, tapping Security, and then enabling the screen pinning option located under Advanced Setting. Next, select the app you want to make accessible. Press the square button present at the bottom of the screen. You can unpin the app anytime. If your friend frequently uses your mobile to play games, then simply pin the game app so that he or she can get access to that particular app only.

Create a Guest Account

Android version 4.2 and above also provide an option of creating a guest account every time a third person wants to get access to the mobile. This feature is also available on tablets. To do so, go to the user icon and select the guest icon. Activating this icon will automatically switch Android to guest mode. You can later delete the data in guest user mode if you want. Repeat the process every time your friend, child or any other person wants to use your mobile phone.

From now onwards, there is no need to look over the shoulder of your kids or friends while they are using your smartphone. Just try any of the above-mentioned techniques to make sure your private information is safe.


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