How To Hack Windows XP ADMINISTRATOR Account

windows admin password hack Tricks - hack windows xp passwordDo you want to access your friends ,girlfriends or boyfriends computer administrative account , which is password protected? Do you want to monitor your kids password protected computer? Do you want to hack windows xp password? Then this post is the write one for you. This time I would like to share with you how to hack windows XP Administrator account . There are many ways through which you can access XP administrator account such as brute forcing (not used commonly) or any software , Guessing the password , accessing administrator from the guest account , accessing Hidden account(such as hidden guest account) and many more.

I will give you a small tutorial based on the degree of protection of the XP account. You can easily hack windows xp password. So first of all, lets start with the easiest way to hack or change the administrative password.

Change Administrative password When you can access the Run command from any account

you just need to follow the below given small steps.

1. Go to Start–>Run–>lusrmgr.msc and press Penetrate or OK.
2. Than there`s two folders: Users & Groups. You need to click on Users.
3. Now the current screen shows the list of accounts in the computer.
4. Now in order to change administrator password just right click on Administrator–>Set New Password !

If this trick doesn’t work then theirs another trick for that you need to have a bit knowledge with the computer cause we are going to deal with system file tweaking so taking a backup of windows folder is a must , incase you mess up , u need to restore.

Change Administrator password using Guest account (Sticky Key Trick)

Concept of the trick

*Conditions Apply -Guest account should have write access to system 32.

Press shift key 5 times and the sticky key dialog shows up. This works even at the logon screen. But If we replace the sethc.exe which is responsible for the sticky key dialog, with cmd.exe, and then call sethc.exe by pressing shift key 5 times at logon screen ,we will get a command prompt with administrator privileges because no user has logged on. From there we can hack the administrator password, even from a guest account.

The steps are listed below :-

1. Go to C:/windows/system32
2. Copy cmd.exe and paste it on desktop
3. rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe
4. Copy the new sethc.exe to system 32,when windows asks for overwriting the file then click yes.
5. Now Log out from your guest account and at the user select window ,press shift key 5 times.
6. Instead of Sticky Key confirmation dialog, command prompt with full administrator privileges will open.
7. Now type “ NET USER ADMINISTRATOR TECHOMAG” where “TECHOMAG” can be any password you like and press enter.
8. You will see “ The Command completed successfully” and then exit the command prompt and login into administrator with your new password.

Access Default ADMINISTRATOR or GUEST account which is Hidden

Most of the time the when the user creates a new Login account as administrator , the  default administrator account is Hidden and  a new account is created. So we can easily access into either Hidden GUEST account or default ADMINISTRATOR account. One way to do this is by going to the classic login view and Typing ADMINISTRATOR or GUEST in the username and leaving the password as blank then click OK , this is because in the category view we cant see the hidden accounts and so we  can’t access them.

For most of the home personal computers their is a great chance that the default ADMINISTRATOR account is not renamed , instead the default ADMINISTRATOR account is hidden and a new administrator account is created in the user’s name when user creates new login accounts.

For going to CLASSIC login view from the Category view Press


So after you get an access to ADMINISTRATOR account then you don’t need to change the user’s password , but we you can only access guest account then you can follow the above methods to change the administrator password using guest account.

Hope you liked this post and easily hack windows xp password. Please let me know by your valuable comments. Regards. 🙂

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