How to Increase uTorrent’s Download Speed

Finding a torrent that you need is already a difficult task, but a slow download makes the task even more cumbersome. So how about some workarounds that will enable your downloads to go a whole lot faster? There are several ways to make it happen and we have shed light on a few of them.

Adding Fast Trackers

Torrents are run through trackers, but sometimes the trackers you get for a torrent aren’t good enough. This is where you will need an extra bit of trackers. Adding new trackers add new seeders and peers, which end up increasing your download speeds. There are no set numbers of trackers as new one pops up every now and then. Knowing that, it is advised that you always keep on adding new trackers whenever download speed is slower than usual.

If you have a slow torrent, just search the internet to find new trackers. After you have got the trackers in your hands, right click on the torrent with slow download speed and go to its properties. There in General tab, you will see the list of trackers.

Just scroll down to the last one and press Enter. Here you will have to paste the trackers that you just found on the web. This will increase your torrent speed by quite some margin.

Test Connection Speed

Sometimes you think that the download speed is low, but the real culprit behind slow speed is the internet. This is where you should look for a website that allows you to test your connection speed. One of the most popular sites for this task is

Set Upload Limit to Minimum

When you are downloading something with a whole lot of peers, the download can be incredibly slow, and your bandwidth is constantly being eaten by uploads. However, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by reducing the upload to 1kb/s. To reduce upload speed of a torrent, just right click on the torrent, go to bandwidth allocation > Set Upload Limit, and select the lowest one you can find. Initially it will be 25kbps.

However, as you keep on repeating the process, you will eventually be able to reduce it down to 1kbps. By doing this, you will put all of your net’s speed on the download, hence increasing the torrent’s speed.

Note: In some cases, you make need to forward the port being used by the torrent client.


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