How to install Android OS on your PC [Tutorial + Video Guide]

Mobile technology’s newest innovation Android has created quite a stir among the users. New kinds of devices are being manufactured in the market these days based on this open source operating system invented by Google. Slowly this technology is making its way to non-mobile platforms as well. Although our gadgets help us to do most of our tasks, we still depend on our laptops, netbooks and  computers for several important functions and activities. Wouldn’t it be just amazing if  we are able to import Android operating system to our computers? Fortunately, it’s possible to do that by either creating a Virtual Box or Live CD. The following step would tell you how to install Android OS on your PC.

How to install Android OS x86 generic on your PC Available For Personal Computers

How to Install Android OS on your PC using Live CD

One of the first things to be noticed about this method is that, the Android OS would have to be run from a disk that’s not dependant on Windows.  By following the below mentioned guidelines, you can learn how to install Android OS on your PC using Live CD.

  • Downloading the ISO file containing the CD image is the first step. This can be done by visiting the Androidx86 website.

  • There are several versions of this CD image available in the website and hence its important to download the image that is appropriate for your use.

  • If you are going to run the Android OS on your desktop computer, the most suitable version is the ‘generic’ Android 2.2 version.

  • Now all you need to do is using Image Burn, ISO recorder or Free ISO burner, burn this file into a blank DVD or CD.

  • Finally, you could run the new Android OS on your system by booting the CD.

How to Install Android OS on your PC using VirtualBox

How to install Android OS using Virtual Box

VirtualBox is a famous virtualization packaging. By following the guidelines given below, it’s possible to learn How to Install Android OS on your PC using VirtualBox.

  • The first step is to go to the official website of VirtualBox and download the ISO file.

  • As a second step click on the ‘New’ button which will enable creation of a virtual machine.

  • Now this is the virtual machine that would be used to run Android and hence it’s important to name the machine. For example, ANDROID

  • Now click on ‘Other’ from the drop down menus of ‘Version’ and ‘Operating System’.

  • Now according to your requirement allocate a memory space. Minimum of 1GB is recommended.

  • Now creation of a fixed storage disk is vital for your new virtual machine. 2 GB is recommended.

  • To set up this virtual machine, all you need to do is right click on it and press ‘Start’.

  • Proceed with the ‘Next’ button and follow the set up wizard to finish the process.

By following the aforementioned methods you’d easily learn how to install Android OS on your PC without any difficulty. You can also Watch the video below to get a Quick Tutorial on How to Install Android OS on your PC.

Hope you liked my Post. If you faced any problem while installing your Android OS please let me know through your valuable comments.

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