Dolphin Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser has earned quite a reputation for itself on the Android platform. It has all the necessary tools to make your online experience smooth and satisfying. Despite the presence of big guns like Chrome and Firefox on the Play Store, Dolphin Browser manages to make quite an impact and thus attract a considerable amount of users. Want to get a taste of this great browser yourself? Here’s a tutorial to help you get Dolphin Browser up and running on your device.

  1. Go to Dolphin Browser for Android’s download page on Google Play Store and press the green “INSTALL” button.

  1. A list of permissions being sought by the browser will pop up on the screen. Go through them and then press “ACCEPT”.

  1. Run Dolphin Browser by pressing its icon, located either on the homescreen or the app drawer.

  1. When you run the browser for the first time, you’ll get a quick tour of its features. Since it’s an automatic tour, it will complete on its own before taking you to the Speed Dial screen.

  1. You can organize and quickly jump to a site from the Speed Dial screen. The tabs will be displayed right at the top on the browser interface.

  1. To access the tab screen, press the windows icon located at the bottom-right corner of the browser interface. Swipe the opened tab towards ride to close it, or close all opened tabs at once using the “Close all tabs” option. To open a new tab, press the plus icon located at the bottom-left corner of the browser interface. Press the cloud icon on the bottom of the browser interface to sync your tabs, bookmarks, history, etc with other devices. You can also access your history using the history icon located right next to the cloud icon.

  1. While on the speed dial screen, swipe left to bring up the control panel. Simply press an option to access it.

  1. While on the speed dial screen, swipe right to bring up the sidebar. You can sign in to sync your data, manage and access bookmarks, and view and manage history from here.

  1. Press the dolphin icon located at the bottom of the browser interface to bring up the options menu. You can access Settings and manage downloads, among other things, from here.

  1. You can customize Dolphin Browser and also personalize your browsing experience from using the different controls in the Settings menu.

Note: The screens may vary, depending on your Android device and the version of Dolphin Browser that you’re using.


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