How to install download manager on android

Download Manager for Android combines a web browser with a download manager and a media player to create a tool that is smart, fast, easy-to-use, and flexible. It not only lets you surf the web or download content to your device, but also eases the process of managing the downloaded files or playing media files of various formats. If this little intro has gotten you drooling, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the process of downloading and setting up Download Manager for Android. So here are the steps to “how to install download manager on android”.

  1. Get to Download Manager for Android’s download page on Google Play Store and initiate the downloading process by tapping “INSTALL”.

  1. Tap “ACCEPT” after you’ve gone through the permissions.

  1. Wait while the app downloads and installs on your device. This would hardly take a minute.

  1. Locate and tap the Download Manager for Android shortcut on the homescreen/app drawer to run the app.

  1. When you run Download Manager for Android for the first time, privacy policy for the app will appear on the screen. Tap “OK” after you’ve gone through it.

  1. You will find yourself on the main dashboard of Download Manager for Android. From here, you can access the integrated browser, access downloads, access file management controls, and open media player controls. You can also jump to settings from the main dashboard.

  1. Tap on “Browser” or “New Tab” will bring you to the integrated browser. Surf the web and locate the file that you wish to download. You may use bookmarked sites to jump to a particular site.

  1. Upon tapping a download link on any site, Download Manager will take over your download. It will let you rename the file, change storage location, and specify the number of parts in which you want to split and download the file. Once you are set, tap “Download”.

  1. The “Downloads” screen in Download Manager for Android will let you track the progress and speed of your downloads in real-time. You can share, zip, rename, clear or delete downloaded files by tapping the menu button in the top-right corner of the screen and tapping the relevant option.

  1. To access the files management tool from the main dashboard, tap “Files”. The screen that opens up will let you manage the files on your device as well as SD card.

  1. Access the music playback screen by tapping “Music” on the main dashboard.

  1. Access the settings menu by tapping menu icon on the top-right corner of the main dashboard and then clicking the relevant option. You will be able to customize the features and functionality of the app as per your liking and requirements from settings.

  1. To learn how to use the app, send your feedback, or read privacy policy again, bring up the option menu on the dashboard by tapping the menu icon located at the top-right corner, and then tapping “Help”. Tap the relevant option on the new screen that appears.

Note: The screens shown in “how to install download manager for android” may vary, depending on the device and version of Download Manager for Android that you’re using.

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