drupal logoDrupal is a free and open-source content management system and content management framework written in PHP and distributed under the General Public License (GNU). We can use Drupal to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Thousands of add-on modules and designs let you build any site you can imagine. This installation is done in     windows 7. The server Used is XAMPP .

So in this post I will be showing you how to Install Drupal On Xampp Server. You just need to follow the below shown steps correctly :


To download just search “XAMPP download” in GOOGLE or download from here .  Click here Download Link

downloading xampp



Installing xampp server requires only the prior knowledge of installing some applications in windows 7. It is as same as installing new software  in windows 7 . The things to be noted while installing xampp server is that give the destination folder outside program files. If we install inside program files we should disable UAC from msconfig . Else windows will deny the rites of xampp to write. So better install outside program files . Then while the proceeding through the installations we will encounter this stage

  • Then tick all the options under SERVICE SECTION . This installs apache , Mysql and filezilla. And Click Install.

installing xampp



Download the Drupal Version You want to install . All versions are available at . For Windows Download zip version . It Will be more easy.


To Find weather xampp is installed correctly or not click on the “admin” button which is straight to apache in the xampp control panel .

xampp control


This will pop out the xampp menu in your default browser showing xampp server installed successfully in your computer .

xampp menu



   Now unzipp the drupal you downloaded and copy all the contents in it and paste it into a new folder called drupal. And copy this folder into htdocs a folder in xampp folder. For me its



Now goto the control panel of xampp server click on admin as in step 4 . You will be taken to xampp menu then click on “phpmyadmin” option under the tools option located at the bottom left corner. It will take you to a screen like this
drupal installing

  • Under the option create new database name enter “drupal” since we named the folder containing all modules of  Drupal as drupal . And Press create.
  • Now press on the home button on the top left corner. Then we will see a message “database created successfully“. Now your database will be in the left side . If you don’t see it in the first site refresh the page then it will appear .
  • Now click on the privileges option on the top of the screen next to engines option i.e  7th option from left . This will take us to next window

drupal privileges

  • Now click on add new user . This will take to this window

  • Enter The user name as “drupal” and host as “local host” and enter the pasword as you like say “techomag“.
  • And under global privileges press on the option check and hit GO.
  • This will proceed to next page showing the message “You have added new user “.
  • Now we are able to start the installation of drupal . Now open a new tab in your browser and type
  • This will show a page like this

drupal on windows

  • Hit save and continue . Next language option will come choose your language and hit save and continue. As we reach setup database we will see a window like this


  • Enter The database name as “drupal” because we created the database in the name drupal.  And give any database username and password as you like. The hit save and continue. Now a small installation will take place .

drupal on windows

  •  Now we will go to site configure page . Here enter a fake email id or your email id. Give the user name that you wish to use while login into drupal page and give a password . Fill in the country and time zone . And click on save and continue .
  • This will show a message “congratulation you have installed drupal ” Now click on “visit your site ” . Then you will be taken to a page like this

drupal success install

NOTE:- This may not be the exact page . Because I already started working on it. But something very similar to this.