How To download Easy Downloader Pro

When it comes to speedy downloading and easy file management on Android, you can safely trust Easy Downloader Pro to live up to your expectations. It injects a heavy dose of performance, convenience and simplicity into the process of downloading, thus making you forget the comfort offered by PCs. Setting up Easy Download Pro on Android doesn’t require a great deal of technical knowledge, but we’ve still prepared a guide “How To Install Easy Downloader Pro on Android Phone and Tablet” to walk you through everything one step at a time.

  1. Go to Easy Download Pro’s download page on Google Play Store and tap “INSTALL”.

  1. Go through the permissions and once you’re satisfied, tap “ACCEPT”.

  1. Wait while the app downloads and then installs on your device.

  1. Look for Easy Downloader Pro’s shortcut on the homescreen or app drawer and tap it to launch the app.

  1. The welcome screen will display a short tutorial. Go through it and then tap “Next”. You may also jump straight to the main dashboard by tapping “Skip”.

  1. The next screen lets you specify whether you want your downloads to run only when the device is connected to the Wi-Fi, or if it may run on any other available internet connection as well. It’s better to set the option to “Wi-Fi only” to save data plan. Tap “Done” to save settings and get to the main dashboard.

  1. You can view the different file types that you may have downloaded, or view downloads in progress by tapping the relevant tab on the main dashboard. You can also access different features, including the integrated browser, file manager tool and settings.

  1. Tap the globe icon on the top-right corner of the min dashboard to open the browser and navigate to the download link of the file that you wish to download to your device. Once you reach it, tap it to bring up the “New Download Task” window. Tap “OK” to start downloading the file.

  1. Tap the downward arrow at the bottom-right of the screen to get to the “Downloading” area on Easy Downloader Pro’s main dashboard. You will be able to view the progress and speed of download in real-time. Long-press the downloading file to bring up additional options, including the option to pause, delete or view details of downloading files.

  1. View finished downloads by tapping the “Finished” tab on the main dashboard. Long-press a downloaded file to bring up additional options, including the option to play, delete, re-download, upload and view details of downloaded file.

  1. Tap the file icon at the bottom on the main dashboard screen to open the “File Manager” tool. Tap a folder to open it, or check the box across it to bring up additional options, including the option to copy, cut, delete or upload it.

  1. Access “Settings” from the main dashboard by tapping the settings button located at the bottom of the screen. You can modify network settings, number of simultaneous downloads, retry times, prompt modes and browser home page settings from the screen.

Note: The actual screens shown in “how To Install Easy Downloader Pro” may vary, depending on your device and version of Easy Downloader Pro.


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