How to Setup a Hotspot

When it comes to data security, online privacy, and unrestricted access to the Web, there is hardly anything that does the job as well as a virtual private network (VPN). Responding to the demand for such a service on the Android, a variety of such apps have shown up on the Play Store.

Among these apps, Hotspot Shield VPN has proven itself to be slightly ahead of the competition, owing to its robust features and consequent effectiveness. Although the VPN app is pretty user-friendly, it’s only natural to feel a little lost in the start. The following guide will help you to get Hotspot Shield VPN up and running on your Android device in no time.

1. Launch Google Play Store on your Android device and navigate to Hotspot Shield VPN’s download page. Tap the “INSTALL” button.

2. Go through the pop up detailing the permissions required by the app to function before clicking “ACCEPT”.

3. Wait for the app to download on your device.

4. Run Hotspot Shield VPN either by tapping the “Open” button on its Play Store page, or by tapping the app’s freshly created shortcut.

5. Hotspot Shield will open and you will be welcomed with a huge button in the middle of the screen.

6. Tap that button and you will be asked whether or not you trust the application.

7. Check “I Trust this Application” box and press OK.

8. It will now connect you to the nearest available server.

9. To stop it from functioning, simply tap on the huge “Stop” button in the middle.

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Note: The configuration screen and options may vary from device to device.