How to Install SuperVPN on android device

SuperVPN Free VPN Client is a great choice of VPN solutions for the Android device, loaded with a handful of features that offer security, anonymity, and online freedom. In order to enjoy these benefits, you of course need to set up the app on your device first, which at times can prove to be quite a task. All too familiar with the frustration ourselves, we are here to help you navigate your way through the setup process of SuperVPN Free VPN Client on your Android device.

1. Head over to Play Store and use the search field to quickly jump to the download page for SuperVPN Free VPN Client. Tap on the “INSTALL” button.

Super VPN

2. Tap “ACCEPT” after going through the permissions required by the app.

super VPN

3. Wait for the download to complete. The installation will start automatically.

super VPN

4. Tap “OPEN” to launch the app. Alternatively, you can run the app using the shortcut created on your device’s home-screen.super VPN

5. Tap on the big “Continue” button in the middle of the screen.Super VPN

6. Battery Optimization menu will pop up as the app will ask you to give permission to bypass it. Select “Disable Now” at the bottom to continue.Super VPN

7. Tap on the huge round button in the middle with “Connect” on it.Super VPN

8. Check the box next to “I trust this application” by tapping it and then tap “OK”.super VPN

9. It will now prepare your server as the boundary of the big white button turns Green.Super VPN

10. The boundary of the white button will turn Blue as your device successfully connects to a VPN.Super VPN

Note: Please note that the app’s interface and notification may slightly vary from the guide, depending on your Android device

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