How to install Turbo downloader on android

Turbo Downloader is a download manager app for the Android platform. Designed to add speed, simplicity and convenience to the process of download files, the app comes equipped with just the right features for the job. If fast downloads and easy management of downloaded files is what you’re looking for, then Turbo Downloader manager is surely the answer you’ve been seeking. Read on to learn how to install and benefit from the app on your Android.

  1. Head over to the Turbo Downloader download page on Google Play Store and tap “INSTALL” for turbo download manager.

  1. Accept the permissions pop-up that appears to begin downloading the app.

  1. Wait for the download to finish and the app to install. The process doesn’t require you to do anything, so just sit back and be patient.

  1. Run the app by tapping its icon. You’ll find the icon located on the homescreen and/or app drawer.

  1. Upon running Turbo Downloader manager for the first time, you’ll be greeted by the end user license agreement. Go through it and then tap “I Accept”.

  1. You will find yourself on the app’s main dashboard with an access to different controls. From here, you can add and start downloads, specify where to save the downloaded files, and access general settings.

  1. Open web browser and navigate to the download link of the file that you wish to transfer to your phone using Turbo Downloader. Tap the download link and then choose to download file using Turbo Downloader. You may have to long-press the download link if the option to select app doesn’t appear in turbo download manager.

  1. Tap the button with a blue arrow on it to start downloading the file on your device. You’ll notice “x4”on the blue arrow. It indicates the number of connections per download, set to 4 by default.

  1. The progress bar will let you follow the progress of your download in real time. The rate of transfer, size of file transferred, and elapsed time will also be displayed on the screen. You can cancel the download anytime by simply pressing the “STOP” button. Quickly jump to the downloaded file by tapping the “Open File” button.

  1. Access “Settings” from the main dashboard. The settings menu lets you change download connections, maximize speed, control what information is displayed on the main dashboard during downloading, enable/disable notifications and sound, and change buffer size among other things.

How to setting in turbo downloader

  1. To change the number of connections per download, tap “Download Connections” select a number from 1-5 by tapping the circle across it. Keep in mind that some files cannot be downloaded using multiple connections.

  1. You can speed up your downloads by up to five times using the buffering option. To do this, tap “Buffer Size” and set a speed.

Note: Turbo Download Manager screens may vary from device to device.

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