How to INSTALL UBUNTU on your Computer [Tutorial]

Some days before one of my friends came with his computer and asked me to install Ubuntu on it. Unfortunately I didn’t have the ISO of Ubuntu with me. It was an urgent matter so he consulted a technician for doing so. He was unhappy because the technician charged Rs.400 for the same. This is one of the common experience in our life .If you put a little attention on this article you can simply learn how to install Linux on your PC and either you can save money or you can earn money from it.

How to install ubuntu 11.10 on your PC | easy steps

Let me come straight to point . In the case of Ubuntu you have mainly to  choices Install -Ubuntu as a standalone OS or you can install it inside Windows OS. First option is better bu we need to be careful. Second option is easy but not recommended because we are installing it inside Windows, hence any failure of Windows OS will also affect Ubuntu.

1) Install Ubuntu as a standalone OS

First of all you gather a copy of Ubuntu 11.10 ISO. Either Burn it to CD or Make a Bootable Pen Drive. Now boot from the installation media (cd or usb) and follow the steps carefully :

Step1 : Choose How you want to install

  • You can select Install Ubuntu or Try without installing. Here I am taking second choice which is good for a beginner. You will be now login to the Live OS. Watch the screen shot below

how to install ubuntu - Screenshot tutorial Galery 1

  •  Now click on Install Ubuntu 11.10.

Step 2: Select your Language

English is the default one. You can have any language from the list.

Install Linux Distro Ubuntu complete tutorial with screenshot - Select your Language

Step 3: Sub Options

Now select the options such as download updates and install third party softwares if needed. Note that you need to be connected with Internet to do so. Otherwise make unchecked those options and continue. You can also do it after installation.

How to install Ubuntu on yout Computer complete Tutorial - Choosing the type of installation

Step 4: Choosing the type of installation

The important parts starts here There are 3 choices and you must select carefully:

Install Ubuntu alongside with them : This option will install Ubuntu along with the other OS like Windows 7.

Erase Entire Disk and Install Ubuntu : The will erase entire hard disk and install Ubuntu on it. Never select this option otherwise all data will be lost.

Something Else : This is the best option to choose .You can create or choose any partition of your choice with the help of an advanced partition manager.

how to install ubuntu 11.10 on your pc - Complete tutorial with screenshot

  • So select the option ‘Something Else‘.

Step 5: Prepare a Partition for Ubuntu

  • Now in this step you are are going to create space for installing Ubuntu. For this select an appropriate partition from the partition menu. Please note that your data inside that partition will be lost so make sure that you made a back copy if needed.

How to Install ubuntu on your laptops - Prepare a Partition for Ubuntu - galery image 5

  • And click on delete button free up that space. Now you can see the free space available(make sure that you select a partition at least of 15GB).
  • Select that free space and click“add”.
  • In the following window. Mark the necessary items. ‘Size of new partition‘ will be there by default. Set ‘Location for the new partition‘ is beginning , set ‘use as‘ as Ext4 journaling file system and ‘mount point’ as ‘/.

how to install ubuntu on your computer - screenshot + tutorial - gallery image - 6

  • Now click on Install Now button. You have done the main part.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Now you have two or three things to do like select your location ,select keyboard layout and enter username and password.

You will be in your new Ubuntu machine soon. 🙂

2) Install Ubuntu Inside Window with Wubi

This option is so simple that you can install Ubuntu like any other software in Windows. For this you need to run the application umenu.exe which is in your Ubuntu CD. This software is known as Wubi installer. And follow the instructions .You are done ! Watch the screen shots below.

how to install ubuntu inside your windows 7, windows vista or windows xp [ tutorial]

  • First you need to click on “install inside Windows” and Fill the Required details. Rest all step will be easy and you don’t have to worry much about partition problems through this installation.

how to install ubuntu inside your windows step by step guide

If you Install inside windows you can later remove or Uninstall the Ubuntu OS whenever you want from your Windows Operating system just like you uninstall a normal Windows software program.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Please let us know your opinion through your comments. Happy Linuxing !!


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