How To Install WordPress In Your XP,Vista Or windows 7 Localhost Using Xampp server

If we do have a wordpress site or we work for a wordpress site maybe as a administrator, freelancer or a guest writer, there may be times when we have to check out many things locally such as bug correction , configuring a new plugin , designing wordpress site’s template , checking the post before submission(in case of guest posters) , etc. This can only be accomplished if we can install a copy wordpress site in our own computer where we can test everything locally. In case of Windows users , they have to install any apache server in their windows os in order to support web programming languages like php, javascripts ,etc which is a must for wordpress as wordpress basically depends on js , php and mysql to work.

In this post I will be guiding you the easiest way to Install WordPress In Your XP,Vista Or windows 7 Localhost Using Xampp server.

Software’s that you Require

1. XAMPP – Download Link (Windows) or Direct Download Link (XAMPP V1.7.4)

2. WAMP – Download Link (Windows) or Direct Download Link (WAMP 2.1)

3. WordPress – Download Link

How to Install

1. The first step would be to download the required softwares . You can choose between the apache server you like , it doesn’t matter whether it is XAMPP or WAMP. For this post I would be using XAMPP as my apache server as it is more simple to use. Use the installer version to install XAMPP as shown below.

2. After the Installation of the XAMPP is complete run the XAMPP control panel and turn on both APACHE and MySQL as shown below.

3. Now open your web browser and navigate to the below given link as shown in the figure below.


Now type your database name which you want to create in create new database section and click on create. Refer th figure below.

4. Extract all the files from wordpress installation zip to the directory as shown in the figure below.


5. As you have done the setting up of the database and extracting the wordpress files , now you need to install the wordpress in your localhost for that navigate to the below link.


6. Now you have to configure the MySQL database with the wordpress. This is the configuration that you do in wp-config.php file in the older versions of wordpress. But in the latest versions you don’t need to use manual php file editing procedure and thus,you just have to fill out the required fields as shown in the figure below.

DATABASE NAME : wordpress
PASSWORD : (leave this field blank , as by default there is no password set in XAMP MySQL)

7.  This is the last form that you need to fill in order to completely install the wordpress site in your XP/Vista/Windows 7 localhost using XAMPP server. This process is simple and can be filled out by refering the instructions shown in the image below.

8. After the installation is complete , LOGIN into the administrative control panel using your username and password that you specified in the last step.  And install necessary plugins and themes for your localhost wordpress site and test any code that you like.

If you are a guest poster , it is a must that you try out the post first in your own localhost before you send it for administrator review, to check whether how it will look when it will be published. Though search engine doesn’t see the looks of a post but in order to make the viewers comfortable while reading it is a must that we see the looks and the Interface.

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