How to Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 IPod Touch ,IPhone or Ipad using Greenpois0n

In this blog post, I will be showing you how to jailbreak your iPod, iPhone, or even iPad running on iOS 4.2.1. Before we start, let me answer some basic questions which may be on all of your minds if you have never jail broken an iPod before. To start of, this jailbreak is UNTETHERED which means that you will not have to re-jailbreak every time your device turns off. Also, I will be posting a blog later on jailbreaking 4.3.3. Now to some FAQ.

Is it safe to jailbreak an apple device, and is it free?

Yes and yes. Jailbreaking your apple device is completely and it is also very safe. I have never heard of an iPod getting bricked, or broken after its been jailbroken. To make sure that your jailbreak doesn’t go away, DONT UPDATE YOUR IPOD OR ITUNES. This is very important, and if you do, the jailbreak will go away.

Is Jailbreaking illegal?

No, jailbreaking is not illegal, but when you do jailbreak your iPod, your warranty will be invalid, and if somehow your iPod breaks due to dropping, or anything else, you will have to pay to get it fixed. It is not illegal because you are changing the way the product functions.  Jailbreaking becomes illegal when you start downloading paid games for free, but the chances of you getting caught are very slim, because many people are doing it.

What is needed for the jailbreak to work?

Other than the program which I will mention later on in this post, you will need WiFi connected to your apple device, or else the jailbreak will be useless, and you will not be able to install the needed items on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

How to Jailbreak your Ipod Touch, Iphone or Ipad ?

1) The first thing you need to do is download greenpois0n RC 6.1 for either Windows or Mac

2) Plug in your apple device to your computer so that it begins to charge. Extract the greenpois0n file that you have just downloaded to your desktop so it is easy to get to. Open up the folder and run the file named “greenpois0n.exe

3)When you open up greenpois0n, there will be a pop-up that says “If you are jailbreaking an AppleTV, click yes before continuing.” We are not jailbreaking an Apple TV so click “no.”

4) You are at the main stage of jailbreaking your apple device. Congragulations on making it this far. All jokes aside, lets continue. Now that you are all ready, with your iPod, iPhone, or iPad plugged in, click the button which says “Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)” Follow the on screen instructions so that you can put your device into DFU mode to continue with the process.

5) Once your device is in DFU mode, on your screen, the button you first clicked should change to “Ready to Jailbreak“, and little bit more down to your left, there should be another button that says “Jailbreak“. Click that button, and this is where the magic begins. The screen of your device should turn white, and then a black screen will load up with some scripts. Don’t worry, this is supposed to happen.

6) When the jailbreak is done, it should say “Complete” on your computer screen, but wait about 40 or more seconds, and then your apple device will be ready to use.

7) When you open up your device, you will find a new app named “Loader” which is a green app. Open the Loader app, and click on “Cydia” and then a smaller screen will pop up, and click “Install Cydia” and wait till your device says “success“. At this point you can return to the main screen, and your device will reboot. If you want, you can also get rid of the Loader app because it is no longer needed. You do this by opening the loader app, going to “Options” and clicking “remove Loader“, or something along those lines.



8) Now that Cydia is successively added, open it up, and it will do some downloading, and other things for Cydia to work properly. If you are automatically at the home screen again, just re-open Cydia. It will ask you if you are a “User”, “Hacker”, or “Developer”. Click on “user“, because it is the easiest, and probably the best choice if you do not know much about jailbreaking or hacking. More downloading will happen, and another pop up will appear. Click on “Update Essentials”, wait till its done, and your and done! You iPod, iPhone, or iPad is now Jailbroken!

Now with your newly jailbroken apple device, there are many things that you can do. I will explain more in detail with my next blog, but here is a glimpse of the things you can do!Winterboard
Winterboard is a really cool program that can be found on Cydia. With Winterboard, you can change the way your backgrounds, and icons look.
Installous is usually the reason many people jailbreak their devices. With Installous, you can get games that cost money for FREE! But be carefull, this is illegal. 
SB Setting
Are you always tired of always going to options to turn of your Wifi, Bluetooth, or change your brightness? With SB Settings, you can do all these things with a sweep of your finger…Gameboy Advanced!
Have you ever wanted to play the old classic Gameboy games, but didn’t have the Gamboy, or the games to do so? With your jailbroken device, you can play many games on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad such as Pokemon, Mario, and many more!

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