How to Access Blocked Websites on Android

Blocked Sites and Censorship

It is often said that Internet is a space with no boundaries. Yet, you may have found yourself hitting against a wall while trying to access a certain website. As it so happens, it is possible for an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or network administrator to build a fence around us in cyberspace by banning the unique ID (a bit like a number plate) of websites or full domains (like deemed inappropriate or time-wasters, with Facebook, YouTube and pornographic content being the common targets. Various software with Internet filtering tools have become available in recent years, allowing even the technically impaired to block or censor websites that can open blocked sites on Android. The most common intended motivation behind filtering of Internet is to either prevent abuse of Internet freedom in workplaces and schools, or to restrict access to porn and other such explicit content. The restrictions imposed may be limited to a certain machine or server, as is the case in homes, schools and offices, or may extend to an entire region, normally at the directive of government.

Breaking the Barrier

Keep in mind that even if certain content is blocked by an ISP, network administrator or filtering software, it continues to remain on the Internet. All you need to do is to find another passageway to it. As it so happens, you have got yourself not one, but two options, i.e. proxy sites and VPN (virtual private network) apps. Both these solutions are quite effective, though the latter may be slightly more suited to the task due to its technologically advanced features.

Accessing Blocked Sites through Proxy Sites

Proxy sites serve as a convenient option to circumvent web filters and thus browse the Internet unhindered. They are particularly ideal for the technically impaired, as they don’t involve a setup or configuration process.

To access a blocked site with the help of a proxy site, you need to do the following:

  1. Open a proxy site in your web browser, e.g. If you don’t know the URL of any proxy site, then use the Google search engine to help you find one.

  1. Type the name of the blocked website that you wish to access in the web address field and tap “Surf”.

  1. Enjoy the freedom.

How to Access Blocked Websites using VPN

VPN apps have proven to be a real breakthrough in online security, privacy and freedom. The technology removes digital barriers by allowing users to change their virtual location or mask their IP, thus allowing access to websites that are blocked. Google Play Store has quite a few such apps in stock to access blocked sites, with

  1. Hotspot Shield VPN
  2. DroidVPN
  3. Falco VPN
  4. SuperVPN Free VPN Client
  5. TunnelBear VPN

And there are more Unlimited Free VPN by VIT being the most popular names in the category. Check out our list of highly recommended Android VPN apps to get a few suggestions as well.

To access a blocked website on your Android device using a VPN app, namely Hotspot Shield VPN, you need to do for How to Unblock Blocked Sites by these following.

  1. Install the hotspot app on your device from the Play Store.

  1. Run the app and tap start to create a VPN connection.

  1. The app will let you know when the VPN is turned on.

  1. Now you can open any site you want without much of a hassle.

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