How to password protect Chrome browser

It has become really necessary these days that we provide a lock to all our web browsers as , nowadays,  most of our useful and money related works are carried out online and it would not be safe if anyone who uses your computer can access your account through your internet browser. In one or the other way we require a simple and effective way to protect our privacy and data from unwanted users. This can be done by password protecting your internet browser such as  google chrome.

Like firefox chrome also provide add-on feature in its latest versions. Simple Startup Password is an addon for Google Chrome browser that blocks unauthorized people from using your browser.  Just go to the extensions gallery of Google Chrome and install the Simple Startup Password add-on for your google chrome browser.


After you are done installing the add-on go to Settings -> Tools ->Extensions. There look for Simple Startup Password and click on Options. Set a password for your browser and you are done. Now every time you start your Google Chrome browser you will be asked for the password and if you fail to give the correct password  then your google chrome browser will be closed.

You can get this add on from Google Chrome’s extensions gallery. Click on the link below :-

Simple Startup Password for Google Chrome

In case you forget your password there is no option to recover it . You will have to reinstall the browser.  Please dont forget to subscribe. 😉

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