play nfs most wanted online via lan

Are you a Pro in playing Need for Speed : Most wanted ? Do you think you are the king of wheels? Do you really thing you can beat up anyone in racing ? Well , If so the best way to know your Playing skills is by competing against people around the globe who is also a Pro in gaming like you. When we speak of car racing games our mind is first diverted to Need For Speed : Most Wanted. Playing NFS MW Online is bit difficult for all those people who are using cracked version of NFS MW rather than paid one’s. One way to remove that restriction is , either create a gaming LAN network in your home or office or college and compete it with your friends through the LAN’s gaming portal . Another way is to search for any gaming portal in internet that supports your game (here NFS : MW) and allows you to access their LAN gaming portal. Either way can be used to play multiplayer gaming and since the former method is only possible if your friends are available to play and also as we want to increase our gaming skills we need to compete with the people around the globe , so the latter method is used widely by many top gamers.

In this post I will be teaching you how to play NFS : MW online using Tunngle gaming portal . Tunngle is a VPN solution that the user can use to play Need for Speed Most Wanted online. However, NFS MW is a bit tricky to make it work online, and that is the hardest part. Below is how you can play using Tunngle LAN system .

1. First of all you need to have Need For Speed : Most Wanted installed in your computer. This can be cracked copy or a paid copy of NFS.

2.  The next step would be install the Tunngle Gaming adapter from the link given ( Click here ). Now after downloading extract “MOST WANTED LAN CONNECTION FIX” and after extracting install the “LAN connecting FIX.reg” present in the extracted file. Also put the “server.cfg” in your game directory ex.: ….EA GAMESNeed for Speed Most Wanted .

Please Note : you must not change  anything in server.cfg

3. Next step is to Download and install Tunngle P2P VPN tool . You can either google search for it or click here.

4. Open the installed Tunngle tool and in network search section type “Need For Speed: Most Wanted” and hit enter. Double click on the  “Need For Speed: Most Wanted” search result shown now. This will connect you to the NFS MW LAN portal.

5. After doing the above steps Open your NFS MW game and Navigate to LAN Play section.  Select any game portal you like and enter and start playing. Done !

I came out with this post because in the coming few days our college is hosting a National level tech fest and A gaming event NFS : MW is the game used in the gaming competition. Many of my friends wanted to try out there skills with others to know and increase there NFS : MW skills. So this is a post for you guys out there , why not win the game and make some pocket money’s . Thanks to Milind Leslie  For his suggession. m/