How to Remove Facebook Search History on iPad

With every new update, Facebook decreases the privacy of the users one way or another. The most recent changes in the popular sites’ Timeline has also made a lot of people angry as it stores all the searches done by the users. However, you don’t have to worry about this new addition to the Timeline anymore as you can get rid of your history without too much trouble. This guide focuses on how to delete the Facebook history when using an iPad. Just follow the steps given below to clear your search history.

  1. Launch the Facebook app by tapping on it.


  1. At the top center of the screen, you will see a magnifying glass with “search for people, places and things” written in front of it. Tap on it.


  1. Here you’ll see all of your most recent searches. Just to the right of this search window, there’s an option of “EDIT.” Tap on it.


  1. Clicking on Edit will open a new window showcasing the activity log.


  1. Here you can filter your searches to find some specific stuff, or you can get rid of all them by clicking on the option of “Clear Searches.” A small pop up will come up, asking you to confirm this action. Just tap on the blue confirm button and your Facebook search history will be clear.


Note: There’s currently no way to disable search history, and the screenshots posted above may vary depending on the Facebook version you are using.