How To Send Anonymous or Fake Email [Complete Guide + php script]

Have you ever thought of sending any prank message to your friends from somebody else account? Is such things possible ? Is it helpful or is it a threat to us? Are we safe with such services? If you have any such similar doubts when you see this post ,then you are at right place. Its absolutely true that anybody can mail from anybody else email account. This is only possible if the victim is not using advanced filters ,else the mail you send will be send to spam folders.

The use of this service has been used by a large number of people to prank or fool many innocent people in the form of email scam. This include spams such as “you have won 100,00,00,000$ please send us 1000$ so that we may send you the money” many people who don’t have knowledge on this may sometimes be a victim to such scams. This is also misused by many for the purpose of hacking email accounts such as Yahoo or Gmail by the using Phishing technique. This may be done by sending the victim the link of the phishing page from somebody’s else email that would drive the victim to be phished. Such as a mail from the victims lover or a mail from celebrities or from mail service providers.

Here I am going to tell you two methods to send fake :

1. Using fake email services

There are sites which provides you to send Anonymous or fake emails to anybody from there websites. The service provided in various Fake email sending sites ranges from free to premium services. Premium services may give you more options to select . Below are one of the best Fake Mailer Services found in net.

Emkei Fake Mailer : This site provides more features like attachments, message priority, Header, BCC and allows us to send free fake emails in html format. The below mentioned figure’s shows how we can use fake mails to hack email accounts using phishing.

AnonyMailer : This site also allows us to send free anonymous fake mails in html format and has lots of editing options. Its totally anonymous.

There are many thousands of sites providing free fake email services . You can easily find one of them in google or any other search engines.

2. Using Your Own Fake Email Sending Website

You can either use PHP  or Javascript fake mailer code for your fake emailer website . In this post I will be using a simple PHP fake mail script that I made , I have also added captcha code from php-captcha in order to protect the site from spam. You can even find many other fake emailer scripts through google search.

1)Download the anonymous fake mailer php script 

2)Next step would be to get a Hosting account that support sending email or has SMTP server support. You can use free hosting services such as x10hosting , 000webhost or but it would be more better if you use Paid hosting. One of the cheapest paid web hosting service is provided from unlimitedgb which you can get for 20$/year basis.

3)After getting your hosting account just upload the files from the you downloaded before into any subfolder say . You are done , now you can send fake or anonymous email pranks to your friends or enemies.You can customise this code in whichever way you like.

Note: If you use this script too much in your site then email service providers like gmail will consider any mail from your domain as a spam. So use it wisely.

You can now Send Fake emails and anonymous emails to your friends . This must be used for educational purpose only and not to harm others, the owner of this site is not responsible for any kind of malpractice. This is a free service where you can send Free fake emails or Free anonymous emails from any email address to any other email as you wish. Try at your own risk . Enjoy 🙂

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