How to Send Files using FTP without using any FTP Clients like Filezilla [Windows 7 trick]

All those who bought or got their own web hosting accounts might have already used the ftp file transfer using ftp cPanel service or you might have used FTP client software’s like Filezilla to transfer your files to web host from your local computer. But have you ever tried out the Windows own inbuilt FTP transfer ?

Some of you who use FTP in colleges or offices to transfer file to your pen drives from any system in your college/office might have already experienced this type of FTP file transfer. But have you ever tried or thought of trying it out for transferring files to a web host ? So here is how to use Windows inbuilt File transfer mechanism , Just follow the steps below to get it done.

how to transfer file using FTP without using FTP clients like Filezilla

How to Transfer Files through FTP in windows Without using any FTP clients like Filezilla [Tutorial]

Follow the steps below as shown in the screenshots to send files without using any FTP client to transfer files from your windows system to web host.

  • First of all Open “My Computer” in Windows 7 and click on “Map Network Drive” in the top bar as shown in the screenshot below.
how to open Map network Drive in Windows 7 My Computers ftp file transfer method
  • Now click on “Connect to a web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures” in the pop up box that opened , as shown below.

Click on Connect To a Website in Map a drive to send files through FTP

  • Now Network Location Wizard will be opened in a new window. Click Next till you reach a Window as shown below. Here you enter your websites FTP link , as shown below. This can either be a FTP IP address link like .

how to link windows FTP to your website FTP

  • Now a new window will show up. Here you will have to First off all Untick “Log on Annonymously”  Option. Now in the Username field type your FTP Username that is provided to you by the host or the FTP account that you created. And click on Next to go to next step.
Add FTP username to Specify Username and password window
  • Now type the name  for the network Location that you would like to set to the FTP address shortcut folder in my computer.  This can be any random name or the site domain name itself to reduce confusion. Now click on Next and in the new window click on Finish.
setting up Ftp drive name for the newly created ftp file sharing from windows
  • Now a folder will be opened and you will be asked to type the FTP Password of the account you created. Type your password and your FTP account will be opened. You can then easily transfer file in and out of your webhost using your My Computer Explorer.
  • You can later access your FTP easily from My computer from the folders under “Network Location”. This is shown in the screenshot below :
FTP file transfer without the help of ftp client like filezilla in my computer network location

Why you should use Windows FTP File transfer rather than using FTP clients like Filezilla

There are many reason’s for which I suggest you to use the default Windows File Transfer rather than using a FTP client softwares like Filezilla.

  • Simpler FTP file Management : Managing of files is much simpler compared to FTP file transfer using Filezilla or any other FTP client software’s.
  • Single time Password Use : ou don’t need to type the FTP password again and again in order to transfer files some other time you open your computer. This is because your windows system remember’s your FTP password and uses it to login to FTP account automatically
  • No need to Install any External FTP softwares :  When you use any FTP tool such as Filezilla, you will need to update the software often in order to get the best experience out of the File transferring. But in windows File Transferring you don’t need to install any external FTP tool to transfer files or any such update.
  • Less Complication : Since , the FTP file transfer and management in windows FTP looks similar to a normal Windows Drive , the file transfer from a folder in your computer to the web host looks similar to that of a file transfer from one drive to another drive in your computer , the file transfer through Windows FTP is less complicated , unlike the traditional FTP transfer in Filezilla.
  • Use Multiple FTP accounts at a single time : You can access or edit multiple FTP accounts data which are in same or different host all at once using this windows file transfer technique.

Reason Why you should not use Windows FTP File transfer method

  • Less Transfer Speed  : While using the windows FTP File transfer technique , you may notice that the File transfer speed in Windows FTP is slightly less compared to that of File transfer in FTP clients like Filezilla. If you are a person who need to transfer a very large file from your computer to the webhost say around 100GB then FTP file transfer without using any FTP clients is a Bad idea.

 Though less transfer speed is a really troubling factor , but the speed difference is rather more like negligible. Apart from this disadvantage this windows FTP file transfer method has lots of advantages , which makes it very useful to work on in any situation. If you have a web hosting account then it is a tip that you should try on your Windows.

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