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How To Set Up Your Own Google Plus Page For Promoting Your Business

Now that Google has finally launched its Business Page, you can create and set up your own Google Plus Page for promotion of your business. It is a fairly simple and easy process. If you follow the step by step instructions then your business will be on Google Plus in no time at all. Before starting to create your business page, you will have to create a personal Google Plus profile. If you already have a profile then just follow the instructions mentioned below:

Follow these detailed instructions to create your business page on the new Google Plus business pages.


Choosing The Right Category For Your Business

how to Create a page on Google plus for your business
  • When you are on Create a page then you will have to choose a category from the five categories given below:

1) Local Business or place: – This category includes small businesses, hotels, services and stores etc. If you chose this category then you have to fill the boxes given for your information like address of your business and your Phone Number. If there is result from Google place which matches your phone number, then the information will be automatically entered, if not then you have to enter your information.

2) Product or brand: – this category includes cars, electronic items or apparel and if you choose this category then you have to give information about the name of your page and your website.

3) Company, Institution or Organization: – If you chose this category then you have to enter the same information mentioned above.

4) Arts, Entertainment or Sports
5) Other.

Selecting The Right Group if your Page is for certain Age Groups only

Choosing the right Age Groups for accessing your contents

You also have to choose whether the content on your page is suitable for the groups mentioned below:-

1)Any Google user
2)Users 18 or older
3)Users 21 or older
4)Whether this content is related to alcohol

Once you have selected the relevant group, then click on the boxes for Google updates and agreement to the terms and conditions and then click on ‘create‘.

Customizing your Public Profile

After selection of the category of your business page, the process of customization of the public profile of your page begins.

Customise your Google plus page Public Profile with profile pic and tagline

* Profile photo and Tagline: – you will have to add a profile photo for your business page and also a Tag line i.e. description of your business page in not more than 10 words. Once you have entered the tag line, click on ‘continue‘ and then on ‘finish‘.

Google+ profile Page - New Home page


Editing Your Newly Created Google Plus Page

edit your google plus page profile page

After finishing the information and choosing the appropriate categories you may wish to edit the information on your page.  For this you have to click on the profile icon and then go to ‘About‘ and click edit profile.

You can enter additional information about your business and additional contact information and you can also give extra links to your business pages under ‘Recommended links’ using which you can link your other profiles or activities like blogs etc to your Google page.

Edited Techomag Google plus profile page

You can also add 5 photos which will appear below the name of your page and the tag line you provided. You can add photos by clicking on ‘Add photos here’ and then upload your photos.

Your business page at Google Plus is ready and you can start communicating and interacting with your visitors.

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