How to Setup Parental Controls on PS4

There are a lot of apps that allow parents to keep an eye on the smartphone and computer activities of their children. However, these apps can do little to nothing when it comes to gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 (PS4). The popular gaming console has its own browser, which means that even if parents are keeping tabs on mobile phones and PCs, kids can still watch adult content on their console. However, all hope is not lost here as Sony offers its own set of parental control built into the console. These controls are not enabled by default though. This is where you, the parent, have to step up and enable it themselves. If you are not aware on how to do this, then just follow the given steps to setup parental controls on PlayStation 4.

  1. Turn on PS4
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Parental Controls
  4. Select Restrict Use of PS4 Features.
  5. Selecting the option in Step 4 will reveal multiple new options, including Application, Internet Browser, Select [New User] and Log In to PlayStation 4, and Change Passcode.
  6. Select Change Passcode and set up a strong parental control password.
  7. To change application controls, just select Application, enter the passcode of your choosing, and choose the security level from 1 to 11. Level 1 is the most restrictive, while Level 11 is least restrictive.
  8. To allow or disallow browser, simply select Internet Browser, enter your passcode, and choose Allow or Disallow from the given options.
  9. To stop your kids from creating another account on PS4, choose Select [New User] and Log In to PS4, put in your passcode, and then choose Allow or Disallow from the options.
  10. Final Passcode option is obviously for changing the password whenever you feel like it.

Note: Before you purchase a PS4 game, be sure to read up the reviews to confirm if it contains appropriate content.