How to Share Google Calendar – A Complete Guide

Life is busy, and you might not have enough time to call the people of interest and tell them about the meetings next week. This is why sharing a calendar is an easy way of letting people know about your schedule and having onboard.

Especially, when you are working virtually and want to connect with your colleagues or employees. Also, you can share the calendar with the family to let them know about future family events. Let us learn how to share Google calendar.

Benefits of Sharing Google Calendar

Sharing the Google calendar and giving your team members access to it makes it convenient for you to communicate. Since everyone must be working on different projects, we can message or email the deadlines, details, the meeting schedules, and other stuff that needs to be shared. But, for that purpose, everyone will have to write an email. With the calendar sharing, that fuss of writing an email and sending it to everyone will be gone and it is easier to share information in the most direct way.

Google calendar sharing makes it easier to plan conference calls, meetings, and other events. Also, with the events coming in family, each family member can be notified through the calendar. When more than a few people are attending the event, you can check with them about what time and day work best for them through sharing calendars rather than sending emails to each one of them. Sharing google calendar will help you improve your time management as well.

How to Share Google Calendar Through Google Calendar Settings?

You can share the Google calendar with anyone you like. Here are some simple steps to help you share the calendar with Google calendar:

  • Open calendar on your computer by going to You cannot share it through the app.
  • If required, expand ‘my calendars’ section to view all the calendars you have.
  • Now, choose the calendar you would like to share and click on the vertical dots by its side.
  • Now, click ‘settings and sharing’.
  • You must double-check everything including the time zone to make sure you are making the right transfer.
  • Now scroll down and click on ‘Add people’ under the tab of ‘Share with specific people’.
  • You will see a pop-up that requires you to enter your contact’s email addresses.
  • Once you are done with adding all the email addresses to share your calendar with, click on ‘permissions’. Here you can decide how much authority you want to give to the people you are sharing a calendar with. You can allow them to make changes in the event, manage settings, see the details.

When you have shared the calendar, it will only appear in your calendar once the people click on the auto-generated email that is sent to them when you add them. If you want to share it will someone who doesn’t have Google Calendar, you can do so by making your calendar public.

How to Share Google Calendar on iPhone?

Here are simpler steps that you can follow to share the Google calendar on the iPhone:

  • Launch calendars on your iPhone.
  • Swipe from left to right on the screen or tap the menu icon on the top left.
  • Now click on ‘Export the Calendar’.
  • Now choose the calendars you want to share with others. You can export your schedules with specific month, week, or date. Now, click ‘Period’ to decide the dates.
  • You can go on ‘Only working hours’ if you want to share the event schedules for the working hours. You can easily set your working hours in the Setting > View Options > Working hours.
  • If you have multiple calendars to share, click on the ones you want to share.
  • Now click on ‘Share’ on the top right and choose the sharing option. You can share it via iMessage, email, save it to files, etc.

Once you have started sharing your calendar via iPhone, it becomes easy to schedule everything.

How to Create a Shared Google Calendar?

Shared calendars allow you to maintain a centralized schedule system where you and your team members can communicate and edit whatever they want to inform others. Now, if you want to create such a calendar to share with your team members, here are some simpler steps:

  1. Navigate to Google Calendar and click on ‘Add Calendar’.
  2. Now select ‘New Calendar’.
  3. Now on the subsequent page, there will be fields to be filled where you can give your calendar a name, description, and time zone.
  4. Click ‘Create Calendar’ when you are finished.
  5. Once you have created the calendar, you can name your calendar in the settings.
  6. Now navigate down to the shared calendar settings and add the people you want to share the calendar with.

Now that you have learned how to share Google calendar, you can manage your meetings, schedules, and a lot more through Google calendar. All it takes is to share with the people you want to share with and let them edit it as much as you want. Meetings and events will be a lot easier to schedule once you know your way around the Google calendar.