How to start a blog for free?

Many a times, you think, how could I start a blog. Without any money being spent, we can start a brand new blog within minutes. It would be great if you have much content to give out to the surfers. For starting a blog, first of all you should know some of the blogging platforms and their features, and choose one of them. So in this post, I shall be tellling you how to start a blog for free in minutes. 

Lets look into some of the blogging platforms, which would be suitable for beginners. There are plenty of tools which enables you to write posts, without coding and all that stuff. All that you need to do, is to sign up for a service and then start posting. 🙂

Blogging platforms
Though there are many blogging services available, here I shall be discussing only about the most prominent ones.


  • This one is the most popular, and easiest blogging platform. Also the registration process is simplified if you have a google account, which is very likely. So lets discuss that first. 
  • First of all if you do not have a Google account then, create one. If you already have, then visit blogger site. 
  • Then login using your Google account.
  • Then name your blog and complete all the necessary steps and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard.  
  • After you reached your dashboard (the place where you’ll visit when you login to blogger),click NEW POST to start adding posts.
  • Give the post a heading, then start typing the content, add some tags, then publish. It would be easy to edit your content with the rich google editor. 
  • Your site will look somewhat like

  • This one is also another popular blogging platform used by people all over the world. The first step would be, signing up for I purposefully put in the title, because there is another one, called in which you could create weblogs. If you are good at the techie side then you better choose that one, as it provides more customisation features. So for beginners, I suggest
  • So sign up for
  •  Fill in your account details and name your blog, you can get that done, like you sign up for any other website.
  • Now after you finished all the necessary steps, you’ll be taken to your wp- dashboard.
  • In the left sidebar, click add new under posts.
  • Now in the editor below, type title and content and then add some tags and then publish.
  • Your blog will look like

Want to hear about more blogging tools, then visit frequently. Will be posting soon. 😉 Hope you enjoyed this post. Add comments, make your presence, lively. Subscribe to our feeds to get the posts immediately delivered to your feed reader.