How to Start a Side Hustle: E-commerce from Home

How to start a side hustle from home is what revolves around the minds of the most student, Everyone is looking for a side hustle to help support their main job or as a financial support scheme and the first business that comes to mind is eCommerce business but a lot of people don’t know how to start the business from scratch or the procedure for making a reasonable sum of money from it.

A lot of thought has to be given to starting your own eCommerce business. From deciding which goods to sell to preparing marketing paraphernalia (e.g., business cards, signages, and even custom box packaging), you have to figure out how to make all of these things work for better business growth and more profit.

Starting an eCommerce business a person can sell many products and services or can sell for other people via affiliate marketing or drop shipping. The best-known ways of eCommerce businesses are selling products and services via Amazon, eBay and a lot of other affiliate marketing sites out there. With a site, you can set up a shopping cart and start selling items and be paid online for the payment methods installed on the site.

What is an E-commerce business?

E-commerce is a business that you can start at the comfort of your home and it doesn’t have to take away all your time to fix and work because of its flexibility and freedom associated with it, it gives you enough freedom to spend time with your family while making decent cash by selling product from the comfort of your home. It allows buyers to buy goods and services online at a secure payment gateway with customer’s protection and good customer service. The most important aspect of venturing into eCommerce is the ability of the seller and buyer to be able to transact and exchange payment for services.


Online side hustles have a lot of viability and profitability, like most businesses, eCommerce has its own pros and cons so it is advised that you be well informed before making some strategic decisions along the way. The pros of eCommerce are started as follows:

  • Involve a large market: Ecommerce is a large digital business enterprise that allows potential buyers and sellers to connect with people who are in need of these services or products around the world at any given point in time or place, especially the growing online mobile shopping trend that has been growing for quite some time now.
  • Quick Response to Market Demand: With the aid of drop shippers the business responds to market and eCommerce trends and market demands are in a good manner. More promotions and ads fly around to attract customers and generate more customer’s demand.
  • Less Expense: With the growth of eCommerce technologies, it has become very easy for people to set up and run an eCommerce website without spending a fortune on maintenance or advertisements.


Managing an eCommerce business is not as easy as said, there are some challenges that the niche faces and having a broad knowledge of it will help you understand it in time to avoid such problems. They are as follows:

  • Card Fraud: Most sellers are faced with credit card fraud and it’s a problem that is faced by online businesses around the world. Most buyers engage in this type of fraud and it affects the seller’s revenues.
  • Comparison of Price and Product: Since eCommerce is a large business and enterprise there are many sellers in the field that gives the buyers the opportunity to compare the prices and products between sellers and it can result in a competitive clash that will eventually reduce their profit margin.
  • Site crash and Bugs: Most eCommerce businesses rely mostly on their websites and when they encounter problems with the hosting company it can knock the seller out of business if the issue is not rectified on time.

Choose a marketplace

Most people want to become their own boss by starting up and managing their own online eCommerce business at the comfort of their home. To start a work from home online business the selling of products on Amazon is one of the best and affordable ways to work at your own convenience and earn a considerable sum of money and reach a wide range of customers.

In other words for you to be a seller on Amazon your application needs to be accepted, even after approval you need to market your product to appear at the front for as many potential buyers as possible. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to make money on Amazon.

Getting a seller and product

Having located the product you find interested in, the most important question that hits the mind will be to find the best and appropriate supplier for the product. The suppliers can be gotten locally or from international depending on the best way that suits your urgent needs and patience, you can get a supplier who handles that product in the area and it will be easier to start your listing immediately or when the supplier is gotten from overseas mostly from China or other Asian countries which the cheaper rate than the local supplier offer but the shipping cost can make the price higher. You can get your suppliers by signing up for Alibaba when you intend to buy in large quantities or Aliexpress where you can get your products at a considerably low retail price.


The two known ways to move your product to your customers on Amazon are through Fulfillment by Amazon and Fulfillment of Merchant, when an order is placed it is required for the seller to confirm the shipment immediately for the movement of the product to begin, from the Seller Central, click on the order in Manage Orders under the Orders tab and click on confirm Shipment and enter the Ship Date for the order and select the appropriate Carrier from the list and enter the shipping service and the Tracking ID then confirm the shipment.


Amazon Marketing can achieve great success when the sellers’ listing is getting high listing visibility. There are many products online for buyers and not all of them have the time to surf the net to get their product so make it easier for them to understand. The seller should also think out of the box and apply for ads on social media and other platforms.


Side hustle through eCommerce is a great work from home business if you choose a good marketable product and have excellent marketing skills, well-planned product inventory, a good technical expert and a good budget to set up your eCommerce site or Amazon seller’s account.