How to Sync Android Contacts with Gmail

Losing contact numbers is the worst nightmare for anyone, as it becomes very difficult to get them back. This is why Android users should synchronize all their contacts with Gmail from time to time. Its procedure is very simple and does not take much time. Just follow the given steps to get through the process.

  1. Tap the menu key present on bottom left of home screen.


  1. Go to Settings.


  1. Go to Accounts tab and press the option “Add account”.


  1. Select Google.


  1. You will get an option to add an existing Gmail account or create a new account. If you already have a Gmail account, then it is better to add it instead of creating a new one.


  1. Enter the email address and password, and press the arrow on the right.


  1. Press OK.


  1. There is no need to enter payment information or debit card number. Just press skip and continue.


  1. Press Done.


  1. Now go back to home screen, press menu tab, and then open accounts just like you did in the very start. Go to Google.


  1. The Gmail account that you just added would be getting displayed. Click on it to synchronize contacts.


  1. Check the box saying “Sync Contacts. You can and should synchronize all other Android data in order to have a backup.


  1. Now go back, there will be a green symbol under the email address along with the date and time on which the contacts were synchronized with Gmail. This means that you have successfully completed the process.


Note: The procedure and screens may vary, depending on the Android device and version that you’re using.