How to Tag People with Custom Text in Facebook [ Tutorial ]

Everyone who uses Facebook often may already be knowing what tagging is. We tag our friends in photo’s , status updates , comments, etc just to show their involvement in our particular updates or picture. The format of tagging is mostly same in all the social networking sites , except for social network like Google+ which uses “+” symbol to tag friends. The traditional way to tag your friend on Facebook is by using “@yourfriendsname” where your friend’s name or username is followed after “@” symbol, which is the key symbol used for tagging people in most of the sites like facebook ,twitter, etc.

The problem with the normal tagging is that we can’t add extra text to the tag like “Mark you Rock !”  rather we can only Tag our friends with their name on profile. Traditional tagging may be ok for many , but don’t you think that’s kinda out of fashion now? It’s time for us to use customized Facebook tags in which we can easily tag our friends in sentences or certain keywords. Though this is a little lengthier way to tag friends but still its cool ,Follow the below steps to get it done :

Step 1 : Get the Profile Id of your Friend

First of all you will have to visit your friends profile, whom you want to custom tag in your new status update. I will show you an example with my friend Amal Murali. You can see his profile link in the image below. An example link which we will use as a refrence in this post is also shown below.

2) Now what we need to do is get the profile id of our friend. For that that we can use Facebook open graph to get the profile id easily.

  • Change your friends profile link from    to

This is shown in the screenshot below.

  • Now press “Enter” . This will open the graph data where you can see basic info about your friend such as his profile id , name and gender .This may look like in the screenshot below:

find profile id of a user using facebook open graph

  •  The region marked inside the red border shows the profile id data. And the number inside double cords is the profile id number , that we are looking for. for ex-> here its 100001774953853

Step 2 : Creating Custom text Tag Name’s

Creating Custom tag names is somewhat easy if you got your friends Facebook profile ID number. Now all you have to do is copy paste the format or code shown below and make required changes with the “yourfriendID” and “YourText” which is marked bold with your friends ID and your custom facebook text.


eg-> @@[0:[100001774953853:0: Hey Amal You Rock Bro!]]

After copying your custom code to the Status Bar you can Press “Enter” or click on post  to make in effect and your code will be made into custom tags in your update . You are done  🙂 An example of custom made text tags is shown below.

Custom text tagging of friend completed and posted on status

Only Hideous task here is Finding the Unique profile ID number of your friend , rest all steps are fast . Please make sure that you save this Format somewhere in your computer so that you can use it faster rather than searching on net all the time.  Hope you liked the trick.