How to Take 360 Pictures for Facebook

Uploading 360 pictures has become a newest trend on Facebook, and a lot of people are keenly following this trend. However, there are still many people who have no idea what 360 pictures actually are, how do they work, and how to upload them on Facebook. Well, don’t fret, because we have explained in detail what 360 pictures are and how you can take 360 pictures for Facebook and then upload them.

What Exactly is 360 Picture?

Panorama pictures are great as they enable you to get as much view as possible. However, 360 pictures have changed the game altogether. These photos enable you to look around the image and feel like you are actually experiencing the place. They can be rotated at any angle and you will still get a perfect view. It is a great experience for people who are unable attend a family wedding, miss a tour to hills, or couldn’t be with their friends on an important day, etc. Now that you know what 360 pictures actually are, let’s go through its technical details and also tell you how to actually take these photos.

Taking 360 Pictures

You will need an app for that. There are a bunch of those apps out there but let’s stick to the official one. Google’s Street View camera has the option of 360 camera, so you can download it on your iOS or Android platform. Consider your first step done.

The second step is quite simple though. Just aim at a spot you want to take a 360 picture of and start to move your camera around. Once you have completed the 360 rotation, the central dot will turn orange, which is an indication that the camera has captured the whole view. Now you just have to capture the photo which will be in a 360 format.

As mentioned before, there are other apps available for this purpose and some of them also provide a ton of editing options. If Street View app doesn’t do the trick for you, then you can give other apps a try.

Uploading 360 Pictures to Facebook

Now that you have learned how to take 360 pictures, the only thing left is to upload them to Facebook. If you have ever used Facebook, then you won’t really have to learn anything new. Simply, go to Photos tab on your Timeline, click Upload, and select the 360 picture that you want to share with everyone. The upload process will start and in a few seconds, the 360 picture will be available for everyone to see. How simple it is. Isn’t it?

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